Gates picks challenging year to leave Microsoft

Just as Microsoft's past year was characterized by launches, the next will be defined by a departure. Bill Gates is slated to end his day-to-day executive duties in Microsoft at the end of June and shift to full-time philanthropy. Here's Seattle Post-Intelligencer's annual look at what to watch at Microsoft in 2008.

By Todd Bishop, December 30, 2007

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wil4hire4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )


same with the children/grand children..

Good Luck BILL!!!

Despite all the MS bullS. They may not do the best job.. But its the one damn near everyone in the world uses for their OS.

socomnick4038d ago

Bill is a pretty good guy hes quitting his job and dedicating all his time to charity. That is a pretty noble cause Im thinking of opening a fake charity maybe he decides to donate some money.

crazypuppet4038d ago

hes giving his kids each 200,000 and donating the rest

darkside4038d ago

Really $hit?? why would he do that? I mean would make sure that my children and grandchildren are set for life. before donating the rest to charity. Isn't his son running the company now?

Tarmgar4038d ago

He's hardly giving his kids money because he doesn't want them to just be given everything in life. He wants them to actually work for they're money. That's why he's only giving them like 0.015% of his money or something like that. He's smart enough to know that poor people need it more than rich snotty kids.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4037d ago

i would be pissed. bill could at least set up some sort of billion dollar trust fund. fix it so that his kids can't touch the money until they make their first million(or whatever dollar amount bill wants to set).

darkside4037d ago

i like your idea better (^_^)

THX71684037d ago

There are hundreds of thousands of people that need the money more than Bill's kids do. I'm sure if his kids can make it to 1 million they wouldn't need the "billion dollar trust fund."

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eagle214038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Is a genius. Always will be remembered. Good work, job well done. edit: my post is not game related, just giving his genius as founder of microsoft respect.

darkside4038d ago

true that! Bill is a great guy, but he getting to tired of taking charge of thing and wants a long vacation well he's still young and have fun. I think.

MK_Red4038d ago

Agreed and bubbles for you eagle21. Sure he made a lot of money and didn't do everything right but still, he did many good things for and he's indeed a genius.

sak5004038d ago

Yes, agreed, but unlike Ken he dint mess up his project and was neither kicked out of the company.

MaximusPrime4038d ago

the only thing i say well done to Bill Gates is developing Windows OS.

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Kakkoii4038d ago

I thought Bill Gates quit a few years ago?

I remember hearing that a long time ago... Guess he had decided to stay until now lol

okcomputer4038d ago

Thats what I thought too, maybe he was semi-retired and is now leaving ms full time. Either way though he'll go down as one of the greatest american businessmen ever.

Merovee4038d ago

He isn't directly running the company and has not for a while, but he was acting as a figurehead/spokesman for like the last few years.

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