30 minutes of Savage 2

Watch a full game of Savage 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed online multiplayer RTS hybrid.

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LJWooly4037d ago

It looks ok, no doubt you'll need two 880GTXs in your computer just to run it, though.

Witty Comment4036d ago

even close.

This game has been in development for a LONG, LONG time. The graphics will be outdated by the time it's full release is due. It was meant to be released last year.

I worked for the guy who's making, or at least funding, this game. His name is Marc DeForest.

TheIneffableBob4037d ago

This game seems really fun. I've never played the original Savage, which is a free game, but I've heard good things about it, as well as good things about Savage 2.

ForTheFallen4037d ago

But it would be amazing in a modern/WW2 setting...

CamelBoy4036d ago

anybody got the direct link to the flv or swf? doesnt play here, not in safari, not in firefox :/