DigitalBattle Best Of 2007 Awards, Part 3

The last part of DigiBattle's Best of 2007 awards, including their 2007 Game of The Year:

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TANOD4034d ago

Game of The Year 2007: BioShock
It doesn’t come as a surprise that BioShock is the game of the Year in 2007. In the midst of all the sequels and over hyped games, BioShock brought something new to the table, something wonderful and entertaining, something that hasn’t been seen in a long time, especially in the FPS genre. It is the best game of 2007, and should be played by everyone. Runner up: Super Mario Galaxy.

That’s all of the 2007 awards at DigitalBattle. We wish you a Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2008. Cheers!

Most awards: Bioshock (4), Uncharted (2), Super Mario Galaxy (2).

shmee4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Most overhyped game: Halo 3

"Microsoft spent millions upon millions of dollars marketing Halo 3, and you couldn’t turn your head without getting some Halo 3 in your face. Microsoft branded everything from sodas to merchandise to TV spots and magazine ads; it was the most promoted game in recent history. The let down was a fairly dull single-player campaign, dated visuals and horrible AI. However, the world-class multiplayer part made up for it all. Runner up: Crysis."

lol what a shame for MS

@odion the BIG XBOT

arent u even ashamed to brag about an overhyped game. any non biased website except Gamespot /Gametrailers would term Halo 3 as overhyped.

Halo 3 would be getting awards like these from many unbiased websites who are not MS moneyhats

The enemy AI in Uncharted is LIFELIKE. as for Halo3 it is good but not lifelike

Odion4034d ago

man you live a sad life shmee

P.S. The enemy AI in Halo 3 was amazing

WafflesID4034d ago

whatever you say chuckie.

The A.I. didn't do anything I haven't seen before in other games.

crazypuppet4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

11 people agreed with you and 1 disagreed with you(me)thats very sad and all you were doing was trying to start a flame war.
disclosure- i have a ps3 and xbox 360 and love them both

lawman11084034d ago

Second, HALO3 only made more money then ANYTHING else in Movies,music and games. So only a total douche bag like you would say that was a failure.

Hatchetforce4034d ago

"i have a ps3 and xbox 360 and love them both"

PSN tag? Gamertag? No tag = no sale.

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eagle214034d ago

A marvel by the genius game developers at Naughty Dog. Congrats to all the winners. Game on!

lawman11084034d ago

R&C,Lair are TOTAL BOMBS!!!!! Uncharted is 7 hours long and a RENT AT BEST!! The PS3 does not have a single game in the top 20 in the USA. ANY game that sells 200 or 300 thousand on the PS3 goes over 1 million on the 360. The PS3 is a Blue ray player that can play half assed games.

Hatchetforce4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Ratchet and Clank a bomb? No you imbecile. Lair overhyped? Absolutely.

And you own a PS3 and have played Uncharted? No? Shut up. Don't tell me you played it at your imaginary friends house either you little troll. Uncharted 7 hours? No. Not 7 hours and especially not if you expect to become a treasure hunter.

Idiots like you that do not have the console yet attempt vainly to attack it are about as relevant as dog crap. You only matter as an annoyance when you stick to people and they start to smell you.

Lord Cheese4034d ago

hype doesnt make it a bad game. Can we please go a day on this site without someone mentioning uncharted? Talk about overrated, jeez!

harv0524034d ago

And can we go a day without unnecessary comments also??

MRMagoo1234034d ago

Hooray for uncharted but its to be expected it is such a fun experience.And anyone thinking halo 3 wasnt gonna get the most overhyped was brain damaged at best it may have been a decent game but the hype was just too much for what the game was or any game for that matter.Good for bioshock i was looking forward to it on the ps3 till they said they (suspiciously) cancelled.

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