What Does Phil Harrison Joining Microsoft Games Studios Mean?

What does it mean for Phil Harrison to join Microsoft? Do not for one second think that Phil Harrison will be some cubicle executive with a glory title. Nope, that is not what Microsoft has brought him aboard to do. He’s taking over their game studios in Europe. What he does impacts gaming on the next platform from Microsoft in a huge way. Right now Microsoft is losing ground where they have been strong this generation, that is with core gaming, first party gaming, and working with developers. You may not be seeing it just yet, but it's happening. Many developers have been speaking out on what Microsoft is missing, the fact that besides 343 Microsoft has to rely soley on 3rd party support, there is no clear direction with respect to their indie games platform. Phils appointment means...Everything

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yesmynameissumo4504d ago (Edited 4504d ago )

It means they have a new executive with video game industry experience. Somehow, Phil has become some messiah, when just yesterday NO ONE gave a shit about the guy.

smashcrashbash4504d ago

Thank you. To us it doesn't mean $hit and yet people are trying to make it into something

dale14504d ago

ask the companys before them sounds dodgy to me

Nightfallen4504d ago

What does it mean? That he is an executive for Microsoft game division in Europe.

Nothing else to it.

Ness-Psi4504d ago

it means his got a new job?