GT Bonus Round - Episode 17: Part 4 - Year in Review

Bonus Round's panel of experts gives their picks for the top game (and disappointments) of 2007.

• N'Gai Croal, General Editor of Technology, Newsweek
• Michael Pachter, Analyst, Wedbush Morgan
• Shane Satterfield, Editor in Chief,

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THAMMER14038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

1. Mass Effect & Call of Duty 4 (TIE)

2. Bio Shock

3. ORange Box & Madden 08 HD 60pfs Football is the best ever (TIE)

masterg4038d ago

5.Call of Duty 4

Still haven't seen anything that blows Gears from last year out of the water. Some games looks better, but the online gameplay of Gears is simply awesome.

mikeslemonade4038d ago

Ngai Croal said on 1up yours that he didn't like Bioshock and he stopped playing in like the 1st hour and here he says he ranks Bioshock one of the top games. I think he may be speaking for the people though since Bioshock is highly regarded as the game of the year.