Top 20 Games of the Year You Should've Played, But Didn't

There are sure a lot of "best of lists" coming out of the woodwork now since the year is beginning to come to a close. And not surprisingly, many of the lists read basically the same. Many of the games that are on those lists are definitely must play games (Super Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box), but whatever happened to the other games that were fantastic throughout the year like World in Conflict, Persona 3, or Lunar Knights to name a few.

With just an avalanche of triple A titles hitting us at the end of the year, many excellent games were overshadowed by the sheer amount of press coverage and excellent PR campaigns that were given to those games that were at the top of those 2007 lists. So here are the games that are the ones that have been forgotten because they came out early in the year or worse, never got the credit that they deserved in the first place. But first a few guidelines:

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laryforlife4038d ago

there might be a reason some of these titles were overlooked, they're not amazing, and bomberman live is a good game but its just a remake of a title we've all played before

crazypuppet4038d ago

anyone who can figure out which one i agree with gets a cookie

MK_Red4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Awesome find and games.
Finally, someone realising how underrated that classic is and who almost everyone forgot about it.

Zack & Wiki, Persona 3, Odin Sphere, Overlord and Red Star are the other classics I loved on the list.

freakyzeeky4038d ago

That game is my personal GOTY. :)

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