Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy To Be Available on Steam?

Ripten reports:

"Steam has been picking up…city crims. The Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy might be making its way to Steam for download. The GTA1 & 2 have been up for download online for years, but it would be quite the gift from Rockstar to get these more recent titles. However, the release of the GTA trilogy isn't yet certain. The games have only had a phantom appearance on Steam, with only their title and a $0 price tag. When they are available for download we doubt they'll be free like their predecessors.

With GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas on Steam, what could come after but the next generation sequel, Grand Theft Auto 4. If this is in the pipelines, expect to see it a year or so down the line after the initial console release."

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skyline20034035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I hate steam. I have had nothing but problems with Steam since its launch. Steam has made me stop playing CSS.

Just my personal experience. The GTA series is old anyway. Hopefully they do something different/new with GTAIV.

Somebody needs to make a Driver 3 or 4 whatever a new one would be!!

LinuxGuru4035d ago

I'm done with steam for a very long time.

I gave my account, games, and password to my little brother for his birthday back in April.

Charmers4035d ago

You really do have to admire the cheek of it, they have totally frozen PC gamers out from any new products, yet they still keep hitting us for cash so they can finish their damn console games. I hope PC gamers and Steam Users take this opportunity to tell Rockstar and Take Two where to shove it.

jinn4034d ago

is stream a little slow in life