BFG to release water-cooled 8800GTS

BFG Technologies has announced a new water cooled G92 based 8800 GTS, branded BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OC2 WC 512MB PCIe with ThermoIntelligence. Since the G92 8800GTS has all the requirements to become a new best selling Nvidia card, this is considered to be a smart move made by BFG.

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sak5004040d ago

Will go nicely with my watercooled pc ;) but than again 9xxx series are already on the horizon, just a matter of another 2-3 months. I thought my 7950gx2 purchase was so wise and 2 months down the road faster and same priced 8800 series were launched.

NRG4040d ago

It's pretty much a matter of when you don't feel like waiting for what's next. There will always be something that's arguably worth waiting for when buying something.

jaja14344040d ago

Also the 8800GT(OC) would be the better option, as opposed to the 8800GTS. It's about 50$ cheaper and gets the same(to a small margin) benchmarking/FPS scores.

That said I just bought the GTS since it came with Crysis, which I was going to buy anyways and end ended up rounding out the price to buying the GT and Crysis separately.

But the best bang for the buck is the 8800GT(OC)

xplosneer4040d ago

Agreed, I just got that 8800GT(OC) put into my Dell. :)

Chris_GTR14040d ago

...whats wrong with these retards? youd think people would stop caring about pc gaming as its slowly been dieng over the past 5 years. there was only 2 good pc games this whole year.(exclusive)

Kakkoii4040d ago

Merely your point of view.

Other people like to get the most they can out of there computers. Because computers game add a whole nother level of gameplay in online games. And just doing general fun things with your computer lol. I just perefer computer gaming over console gaming.