Unreal Tournament III: Gaming Console Review Scores 9.5/10

Many thought that this game would not make it out of the exclusive Playstation 3 gate in 2007, as rumors spread like wildfire that it would be pushed back into 2008. But Epic comes through with a full ball's out, fast-as-hell kick ass, in-your-face First-Person Shooter that is sure to please every Playstation 3 owner. Listen up Playstation 3 fanboys, this is your Halo 3.

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TANOD4036d ago

dont worry about that TROLL

The PS3 version will sell well in DECEMBER. However it will easily cross the million mark when launched in EU next year.

UT3 murders COD4 in terms of speed,graphics and gameplay

Gondee4036d ago

i agree. It will sell a million when it hits the Xbox360, as does alot of AAA titles

Omegasyde4036d ago

Until they patch UT3... (i.e. mics, mods, lag, the game causing lock-ups)

COD4 owns UT3.

And this is not PS3's "Halo 3" so to speak, Sony's bread and butter will be the next SOCOM. Not Killzone 2, not MGS4, but Socom 4 ( not the PSN title either).

an_idiot4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

This game is just plain bad.

SP: all sp does is it let's you play all the maps in order of their locations. They are the SAME maps you will be playing in MP. Do NOT expect GOW like gameplay. AND there is NO split screen coop.

MP: One word sums it up: LAG. The only thing you will be getting in the MP mode is LAG. That's it. LAG period!

9.5/10 my ass.

TANOD4036d ago

The speed of the game is amazing and so is the graphics.

It is not washed out GREY like GEARS . It has true colours and the MP is fast and super fun.

dont troll the thread

SIX4036d ago

Lag? I've experienced hardly any lag. Maybe it's your connection speed. I agree with you on the SP though. It really is a shame because it's such a great universe. Please Epic, come up with another UT with a SP like gears.

Maddens Raiders4036d ago

you're an_idiot! Nothing else need be said after that....ahem..idiot. LMFAO

Kaneda4036d ago

"MP: One word sums it up: LAG. The only thing you will be getting in the MP mode is LAG. That's it. LAG period!"

One advice.. stop downloading porns while you play MP... IDIOT!!

Kleptic4036d ago

relax people...his tag is what points out the sarcasm...he isn't serious...

achira4035d ago

what an_idiot. this game has no lag. i live in europe and there is never lag in the game although i play with american servers. you should check your connection. your statemant is plain wrong.

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baxter4036d ago

Its fun,fast and furious

hotshot1274036d ago

how come you're on these threads more then your ps3.

i added you like 3 days ago and you still havent excepted my request.

i want to play you in some games man! seriously. ACCEPT ME.

SIX4036d ago

I'm a little underwelmed with this game. Sure the graphics and gameplay are really really good, but the single player is horrible. I would even consider that there is no single player at all. If Warhawk get's deducted points for no single player then I think this game should share the same criticism. Other that that, 360 fans who flame this game need not unless they have played it. If you love playing on line, get this game, however, if you love a good single player I think it's safe to say avoid this one.

Maddens Raiders4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

my personal review of WarHawk is 11/10.

Best Multiplayer game on the market right now.

Yeah, SMG reviewers - Suck It.

Omegasyde4036d ago

I agree, the SP did suck. I didn't care for the ending either, it did match the game with the story however.

And WTF, The game has you capturing flags to turn off enemy respawners lmao!


Guwapo774036d ago

Single player mode in UT has never been about a damn thing and never will be. The entire purpose of it is to get use to the controls for online play. Thats it. What UT3 did with its single player is what Warhawk did not. Give you the chance to learn how to play the game offline prior to getting your ass waxed.

Ju4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

UT3 doesn't really need a single player (or lets call it story mode). It has bots. You can play and learn/train offline. Bots is what WH lacks. WH has miles better achievements (and career), but UT3 is "funner" to run and gun.

Kleptic4036d ago

the fact that there are so many criticising the single player portion of UT game, deeply illustrates how many new people are hearing about this franchise...

UT3 has by far the biggest and best single player of any UT game to date...its an 'arena' shooter...they are almost 100% focused on multiplayer for the game, with a target practice campaign thrown in to help new comers get into the game...that is without getting dealt the business end of a flack cannon to the tune of a .01 KDR...

you sift threw the PC gamers remarks on this game and they claim how impressed they are with the single player this time around (cutscenes zomg!)...yet console people whine "don't expect Gears"...its amusing thats all...

but put will not find a crazier multiplayer game on any console to date...this game brings speeds to a console that has never been touched (Q3 on the DC wasn't even this fast...which was largely accepted as the fastest and best "twitch" shooter on a console)...throw in 55 maps and over a dozen vehicles shipped with the game as well as full mod support...and UT3 easily rivals the best multiplayer games of the year (it is my personal favorite, even edging out Warhawk overall...but mostly because of how much I missed games with this amount of speed)..

and to those worried about sales...UT has always had a pretty good track record of sustaining sales...Epic starts their contests for free mods, and more people hear and get the game year after year...while the sales are a little underwhelming for a consle game right now, as far as a PC game goes...its a complete success if things continue...considering how little pretty much everything sells on a PC anymore, I think things are looking up for the game...

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