Xbox Live "up and running," now with no caveats

After treading deeply into some crazy Orwellian statusbox doublespeak, it looks like Xbox Live is finally up and running with no lingering issues or caveats. According to Major Nelson, the entire Live team has been working "day and night" to get things sorted, and while we appreciate their efforts over the holidays, we're still of the opinion that Live members should be getting a free week or month - you gotta deliver when you run a paid service.

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kingofps34038d ago

"Now it's down again! Status message gives the old line about intermittent issues and engineers working on fixes. Ugh, could the timing on these outages be any worse?"

The one below me is a Xbox employee. Please simply ignore the bot.

Snukadaman4037d ago

messenger doesnt sign in and theres not full teams on COD4...its getting quite annoying.

KillJoi994037d ago

But seriously, we really do need a free week. I mean, XBL has been virtually unplayable for the past week.

lawman11084037d ago

and other problems....not fixed yet. Don't forget a TON of people are off and out of school this week. Plus the fact MS sold a BILLION 360's this Christmas each with free trials for LIVE you almost had to figure a problem might pop up with all the great games on the 360 now.

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sak5004038d ago

Can't login to live. Anyone else tried playing avi while not connected, it says i need an update to play this file. Although was watching the same movie before when connected. the update doesnt download or what?

AllroundGamer4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

why another fake article? i still can't login, and the most funny part is, i wanted to buy a yearly GOLD membership today, because of COD4 MP... MS should give everyone at least a free GOLD account for one month for such a long XBL blackout, it's already 5 days when the problems began.

4D Zangief4038d ago

is nothing but Sony trolls. Does anyone have a can of RAID?

hondakidus4038d ago

Why is it that when negative Xbox news is posted, this site is called a Sony fanboy site. But back when the negative Sony news was being posted it was called the truth? You xbots are so annoying.

DarkSniper4038d ago

Raid will not be sufficient enough to rid of all of the bugs that XBOX Live and games such as Mass Effect has.


aaquib54038d ago

That was priceless $niper!!

OoOLeafsOoO4037d ago

lol, what are sony fanboys doing in the xbox 360 section of the site?

ActionBastard4037d ago

I used to love whipping your ass with Ken.

Snukadaman4037d ago

"PSN has been up and running ALL day, as a matter of fact ALL YEAR. Can't say that about anything XBOX related can you?"

hasnt there been problems with both warhawk and rankings not being kept....what about the problems with cod4...just because we pay for xbox live it is being fixed as we took what...3 months too fix the warhawk problem...psn is far from perfect dont kid yourself.

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