Ratatouille Hits Xbox Live Marketplace In HD

Yep, another HD hit has arrived on Xbox Live Marketplace courtesy of Disney. As you know, 3D animated films really show off well on your HD set. Nothing can match the direct high definition digital transfer of CG. Download, watch and enjoy!

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Mikey_Gee4038d ago

This movie really does look outstanding in HD

segasage4038d ago

Isn't this a Blu-Ray exclusive movie?

Capt CHAOS4038d ago

it can still be out on the cinema, still be out on dvd, can still be as downloadable content and can still be aired on sky movies and still appear on tell once it's been out for a while..

Looks like the HD DVD 360 owners are on a winner if this is a bluray exclusive.. Though I don't but into the whole HDDVD/BluRay benefit..

Dark_Vendetta4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Yes it's a BR exclusive but Pirates of the Caribbean was also a BR exclusive and it's available on the XBL Marketplace.
Can I download this with an european account?

Cryos4038d ago

It IS blu-ray exclusive, meaning it will not be out on HD-DVD. Do not mistake that for downloadable HD content. It is the same as buying and downloading an HD version of a movie from blockbuster or amazon.

Capt CHAOS4038d ago

ABOUT bloody time.. Why are there still so few films on the download service? I'd expect them to be adding a few films a week..

BulletToothtony4038d ago

What's the average time that it takes to download an HD movie.. and in your opinion does it look as good downloaded as it does on HD-DVD?

i know that a lot has to do on your internet speed and all that but all i wanna know it's a ballpark figure..

Capt CHAOS4038d ago

I'd not even bother trying, seeing as most of them seems to be stereo, and alot bigger, the normal DVD ones take long enough to download (usually watchable in 15 mins). But I find the normal ones sufficient quality to watch.. The HD-DVD ones are too much to watch me thinks..

God of Gaming4038d ago

Depends on your connection. You can start watching the movie before its done downloading. I have a 5mb download speed and in about 10 min I can start watching my movies. My brother has a 12mb down connection and in 45 seconds he can start watching. I am talking about HD movies also which look fantastic. The great thing though is you do not have to wait for it to be done....

shrimpboat4038d ago

I have it on Blu-Ray. Go ahead and download it on Live if you want so you can watch it for 24 hours only, then have to pay again if you want to watch it again. This is why its exclusive in HD on Blu-Ray. You can watch it on Live, but not own it.

WilliamRLBaker4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

so the reason this movie is exclusive to blu ray is because on xbox live you can only rent it for 24 hours.........HUH?!

that makes absolutely no sense and dont back peddling you just said this.
""This is why its exclusive in HD on Blu-Ray. You can watch it on Live, but not own it. ""

as you can see its exclusive to blu ray BECAUSE u can only rent it on xbox live..........yes because i can keep the same movie on blu ray from blockbuster for 4 dollar or so movie rental fee forever right? im not charged any more for it? WELL ****! i wish i had known this when buying my 200 title dvd selection i could have RENTED them from Blockbuster and never paid an iota more ever! instead of full 14.99-19.99 retail price! damn blu ray users are geting ripped off for 19.99-29.99 they can just go to block buster and rent it and keep it for 4 bux!

Im able to keep movies i RENT from any other place with out late fees and with out being charged full price right?

this is a rental it is nothing but that, and its not HD exclusive i can rent them HD on xbox live.
Exclusive:appearing by no other means.

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The story is too old to be commented.