2007: The Year of Nintendo

2007 has definitely been the Year of Nintendo. And if Wii and Nintendo DS continue their record pace, 2008's likely to be a repeat.

-- John Gaudiosi, December 30, 2007

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kobonline4038d ago

2008 will be no different.

Prismo_Fillusion4038d ago

WII IS JUST A FAD. lololol

It's too bad we couldn't pull out the win last night! Hope for the Giants in the playoffs though. :)

Prismo_Fillusion4038d ago

was just kidding about the Wii...obviously...since I own one.

wiizy4038d ago

exactly...2008 will be even worse with the games coming out.. wii should be up by 5 million by november

kobonline4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

from the fanboys. ^look above.

I think by the time November, '08 comes around, it'll be closer to 8-10 in my opinion.

ShadoWulf4038d ago

...I'd like to say this: 2007 WAS the year of Nintendo. You don't have to like the Wii to recognize this. Nintendo definitely made the biggest splash, sold like hotcakes and won the hearts of the (American, at least) public. Don't start talking about the Wii's 'inferiority', as this is irrelevant. When your console generates as much positive press as the Wii has this year, then you can claim your year.

TheMART4038d ago

2007 is the year of Nintendo hardware and Nintendo's cash.

2007 is not the year of Nintendo games on the Wii. Besides Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3, there were about hundreds of bad games and minigamesh!t.

2007 certainly was the year of 360 games for sure. Nintendo is just filling it's pockets, for the rest the Wii=Gamecube with a motion controller

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