iPhone 1.1.3 confirmed by iPhone Hacker

The 1.1.3 firmware update is close.Could be days away according to this hacker.It adds important features like pinpoint location of the phone via Cell Tower triangulation.
More importantly to those with unlocked iPhones, the future is bad. All previous exploits have been patched.No more jailbreaks, unlocks etc.
The update will brick your iPhone so people with unlocked iPhones DO NOT UPDATE!

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Premonition4040d ago

Nice, im glad i have a true AT&T iphone, to bad for unlocked people, but i have a feeling one day apple will allow other carriers to have the iphone, instead of just AT&T.

cow moolester4040d ago

Well I'm in Ireland where it isn't available yet (which is ridiculous because Apple iPhone EU division HQ is in Ireland) and have a stealthsim in my 1.1.2 iPhone so I should be fine...I'm just wondering why Apple are doing this...they are making money off it either way.People buy the iPhones from Apple to unlock them and sell them on so Apple are still getting money...seems to me AT&T are the only ones getting screwed

aaquib54040d ago

I want My location Google Maps on my jailbroken touch.

Tarmgar4040d ago

I guess it's cool now to not space after the period these days??

And the iPhone is meh.

sanjay094040d ago

after little while 1.1.3 is proably gonna be hacked does anybody know how to put the PS ROM on the iphone??

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The story is too old to be commented.