Xbox Live is now up and running

For the time being, Xbox Live is officially up and running. Does that mean gamers won't encounter any more issues during the holiday season? At this point, anything is possible so don't expect things to be free and clear yet. If you're able to log into your account and suffer no setbacks, then just sit back and enjoy the ride. Xbox Circle will let you know if any other issues should arise.

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wil4hire4575d ago

Yeah.. too bad its not working per the official 360 forums. You lose again. I hear Halos single player is good, and Bioshock is always fun to beat multiple times. ME is great because of the same ending no matter what you do.

Jason 360_Niglet4575d ago

LOL.... Yep still waiting for home? 2009??? Gran Turismo 5??? 2039??? Sorry kid but if your trying to be funny try harder because I'm not laughing. When those games come out that you kids go on about all the time give me a shout. In the mean time I'll be playing a real next gen console which actually delivers in terms of online service, games, features, UPDATES! hahaha! OH GOD!

Led Zeppelin4575d ago

The Xbox has more than 2 good games out to play right now...

ActionBastard4575d ago

Halo 3
Mass Effect

You're right. It has 3.

wil4hire4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

Nah I'm playing a ps3 exclusive AAA Uncharted. "Best looking console game out" -Gametrailers.
OUCH. :(

No loading times either. Something the 360 cant do. Unless you count mass effects terrible attempt?

And Home is just PSN 2. PSN is up FREE working perfectly fine.

Connect to COD4 servers just fine. Without paying.

Same with UT3.

Connect to games fine. Without paying.

Enjoying GT5:P as well. A demo of a game that puts the 360's hardware to shame. Courtesy of work.

sorry, you fail.

@ Guy that thinks forza2 looks better. Thats fine, I dont. My background is Visual Effects/Feature Films/Game Dev and a Lighting TD. GT5 is superior to forza in ever aspect visually. You just 'saying' so has no validity unless you can point out reasons like:

Which has superior paint / material shaders? GT5. Example? Car paint.

Which has superior models, both environmental and vehicle? GT5. Example? Cars interiors and exteriors. Serious High Poly count wihout the use of Normal Maps to add in detail for stitching emblems etc. One of the Cells proc is handling just the models. London Track is heavily detailed. The rest of the tracks are accurate to their real life counterparts.

Which has a superior lighting models? Cool/Warm Shadows etc. GT5. Drive a car from the warm sun light, to a cool tree shadow. Not just.. Light Dark shadows like in forza 2. You can also see this in Uncharted.

Which is processing more visual data at once? Cars on the road w/motion blur without LOD tricks.

Which runs at a higher frame rate & higher resolution? While not FULL 1080p. It runs at 1080p.

I know why GT5 is superior, both common sense and factually.

If you think that you can just make up bs, you cant. Not with me here. GT5 looks like photographs, both behind the wheel and when replaying. That is very hard to do with a game engine, and Polyphony has pulled it off. It is a complete slap in the face to even venture in the direction of all of their work, which is clear and apparent. Can be upstaged by an old game engine that hasn't even benefited from the latest advancements in HDRI lighting, you are just being a fanboy. Sorry, I dont care if you own both systems, that doesn't qualify your eye more-so than mine.

If you can provide reasons, I'd gladly be interested in debunking them one by one.

Other than that, its just your opinion.

find a forza 2 video that looks as good as this crappy gt5 one.


I SEE YOU ONLY PLAYED GT-HD. Eh.. you need to try Prologue.

ActionBastard4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

Bubbles Wil. Isn't it amazing how a GT demo makes Forza look like a GC game? *Sigh* I laugh every time I think about it.

EDIT: @ gta_cb
I owned a 360 (until it RROD for the 5th time, with my 5th console) and had the pleasure to enjoy playing Forza 2 (connected via component) before I ever downloaded GT. I'm not saying Forza looks bad, but in comparison to GT? Come on. There aren't even night tracks. This isn't a demo, this is a full game.

gta_cb4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

i have an Xbox 360 and a PS3. i have my Xbox 360 Premium hooked up via Component HD as i bought it when there was no HDMI slots (OCT 06) and my PS3 via HDMI 1.3 i have had Forza 2 since launch month (cant remember exactly what day lol) and i have played GT HD a couple times since i downloaded it on Christmas day and i dont know if its because i have better designs on my Forza 2 cars but i seriously think Forza 2 looks better :p

@ Action Bastard & Wil4Hire

im not to sure what you mean about the night tracks lol, but yeah i was only saying about GT HD :) i expect GT 5 to be much better then GT HD as they stopped making GT HD to carry on with GT5 :) anyway i have just purchased the omega pack off PSN i hope it was worth it lol

rofldings4575d ago

GT5 > GT5: Prologue > GT5: Prologue demo > Forza 2 > GT:HD

shrimpboat4574d ago

gta_cb are you blind. I have a Xbox 360 and a PS3 and when I switch inputs to compare Forza 2 and Gran Turismo Concept(not even the new demo, but the old one from last year) You can clearly see that GT looks wayyyyyy!!!! better than Forza 2. It's not even close. I have the new Japan demo of GT Prologue and it looks even better. You are really trying hard to give Forza credit for something it is not. It's ok to be a Forza 2 fan but don't lie. Forza 2 is a great game and maybe you should state what it has over GT but Graphics is not it. Only a fool or someone who hasn't Seen GT Prologue gameplay would believe you.

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Forbidden_Darkness4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

its still just like the console...

(which is crap)

Bladestar4575d ago

@wil4hire and @Forbidden_Darkness noooooooooooooooooooo! why! why! you! whyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee!... this news must bring you so much pain.... how can xbox live be working?!

Jason 360_Niglet4575d ago

Look at the sony kids reporting this.... OH GOD! you kids need to get a life. Xbox Live is running again so go play......... ? something???


ActionBastard4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

The real question is can you play something? That's the million dollar question. I see now why 360 fans play sooo many games. Who knows if it will be their last time. Between the hardware and the pay to play service, it's like a game of Russian roulette. Cut those marionette strings boys. When Microsoft f*cks you, shouldn't they at least start with a kiss?

Captain Tuttle4575d ago

Major Nelson's site is down too...server busy lol

Captain Tuttle4575d ago

Bill Gates owes me 42 cents. Think I'll see any of it? Cheap bastard!!

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