Metacritic: The Best Videogames of 2007

Metacritic publishes the list of Best Game of the Year. This list is built from the Average of all a game's Review Scores, and includes the reviews from across the entire videogame industry's reputable press.

Unlike other GotY lists, this is "by the numbers" and not the opinion of an editorial board.

This Metacritic GotY list is divided by platform.

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LinuxGuru4035d ago

I like metacritic.....lots of sources for each game to determine a score.

Usually between 25 and 50 sources for each game!

DRUDOG4035d ago

Love how you get a disagree for basically no reason. What, the other dude doesn't like metacritic?!? I agree with you, I usually go there every once in awhile to get an idea of what everyone has said about a game. Like that they link to most of the reviews too.

Method4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Most likely a bitter playslave sulking over the fact that neither uncharted nor ratchet & clank are considered AAA.

ActionBastard4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Still can't afford one Method. tsk tsk

I'm having plenty o' fun. UT3, Uncharted, R&C, Rock Band, Heavenly Sword, COD4, Resistance and Superbad on BD. And I'm not even mentioning my PSN titles or the 12 DVD rips I have on my PS3. Or that I get to play them online for free. Claiming to not use it is one thing, downing games you've never played because your security is threatened is another.

Have fun when your 360 is working and XBL is up.

Led Zeppelin4035d ago

Playing CoD4 and Halo 3 online right now. Xbox Live working great, but I'd expect you'd know better, even though you have a PS3, right?

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Method4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

$400 is affordable, I just don't see any good in spending my own money on something that I'm not going to use.

Have fun with your dust collector.

bootsielon4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

"Most likely a bitter playslave sulking over the fact that neither uncharted nor ratchet & clank are considered AAA."

Where in Metacritic has the string "AAA" been uttered in order to label games, moron? If you're talking about "in general", then there are lots of people, including reviewers, that consider those "AAA", among other games. It's so funny that people think that "AAA = 9.0", as "AAA" is such a subjective term, it's ludicrous.

Even more, why has Metacritic, whose parent company CNet lacks the business ethics to NOT FIRE YOUR EDITORS for a review, become the official norm for buying games? If you want a good source, don't go to either metacritic or gamerankings, go to There, you'll find that your precious POS Halo 3 is not AAA; by your own definition of AAA of course (OMG NOT 9.0+). In fact, you'll find that Uncharted has 9.1, which would make it AAA in your definition.

Or you could count them all websites, but since one of the three, gamestats namely, doesn't consider Halo 3 AAA by your own definition, it is not considered AAA, by following your example of absurd generalizations. You fail.

Method4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Angry playslave is angry.

Uncharted is not AAA and denial is not a river.

Keep crying delusional fanfag.

Led Zeppelin4035d ago

That neither R&C or Uncharted won GOTY, but a multiplat did.

bozemanriverrat4035d ago

When people use a Metacritic score as a reason that "this game rocks/sucks," I encourage everyone to visit the site itself and see the individual scores for themselves. I've seen people claim a game is horrible based solely on the Metacritic average, yet I go there and see that the lowest score is 15-20 points lower than the next lowest. Of course, this also works in reverse, with games getting high averages only for the highest score to be significantly higher than the 2nd highest.

For this reason, when I use Metacritic, I generally throw out both the highest and lowest scores, unless its a string of 90's or 20's.

bootsielon4035d ago

are Halo. And we all know why it is scored so high. TSK TSK, M$FT may ring some bells. (Gamespot may ring some bells too)

segasage4035d ago

"Most likely a bitter playslave sulking over the fact that neither uncharted nor ratchet & clank are considered AAA."

it's Fact 360 games sell pretty well.

10+ games 90%+ average.

jaja14344035d ago

With all the money that people think MS throws to reviews/bloggers/satin, it's a miracle that they can even stay in business...

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