Wii Hardware 'Surprisingly Stable'. Nunchuck's manliness not so much

Wii-a-phobia continues to run rampant amongst the hardcore gaming community. There is a new hate rant about the Wii written almost every day, and not just by random members of the internet, but often by paid journalists as well. Despite all this bad press, the Wii continues to be the darling of the mainstream gaming world (and cochroaches). More than a year after launch, the thing still sells out of stores faster that you can say "It's a fad."

So either way you look at it, the Wii console strikes a cord. While a recent study cites "over 82% percent" of gamers polled believe the Wii hardware is "surprisingly stable", the gender identity of the console's controller is a different matter, as the first reports of the Wii Nunchuck's cord and analog stick turning pink are starting to surface on the internets.

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TheExodus4041d ago

Alright, what the hell has China gone and put in our Wii cables now?

BrianC62344041d ago

I bet that idiot the Wii won't be the media darling in a year. The games are all crap. The sales are horrible. Big deal if the Wii is selling, the games aren't.

As for this garbage about the Wii being stable, of course it is. It's years old technology. No reason for stability problems. Stability problems are caused by too much heat. Heat is one problem the Wii won't have. Injuries for Wii gamers, now that is a big problem.

LanRanger4041d ago

Wii games--even third party ones--are significantly outselling PS3 games (see my past posts for details if you don't believe me). As for crappy games, the Wii certainly has its share, but it also has more games that appeal to the casual gamer than any other system. If you don't believe casual gamers can support a system look at what has happened with the Nintendo DS.

eagle214041d ago

Too many Christmas candy cane eating kids and parents? I hope so!

Death4041d ago

My wife and I bought a Wii for our daughter for Christmas. The system locks up after about 2 minutes of play. Nintendo is sending us a new unit for $5. I'm still unsure why I am paying them to replace the one they sold to me broken out of the box, but it beats the alternative of returning it and not being able to replace it since the retailer is still out of stock.


perseus4040d ago

Your guarantee covers anything that could possibly happen out of the box. Why are you paying $5?

Death4040d ago

To get a replacement unit sent it cost me $5 and I needed to secure the warranty replacement with a credit card. If I don't send in my broken unit they will charge me $249 for the replacement. By far the worst customer service experience I have had.

In Nintendo's defense I could have saved the $5 and bought a box and paid for shipping to Nintendo myself. The $5 sounded cheaper so I went with that.


perseus4040d ago

I had to send mine in to Nintendo in June to fix a pixelation problem. I called in the morning, they sent a delivery company to pick it up in the afternoon, and I had a refurb 8 days later.

I'm near Tokyo, but I didn't realize that customer service would be any different.

ChickeyCantor4041d ago

mine are still white and my Wii is still stable......

neogeo4041d ago

I play it sometimes and love it. Then sometimes I get pissed that the graphics are last gen, then I'm happy again because I can download old games and play them perfectly. Then I'm pissed that those old games cost so much $$$. $8 buck for a Snes game?? WTF! Them I'm happy because I love then internet and news/weather channel. Then I get mad again that there are no good RPGs. In the end I'm happy because I have smash bro's, Mario Kart and......Well thats all for now.

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The story is too old to be commented.