The iPad could be the future of games consoles, say Epic and EA

The quad-core graphics processor in the new iPad's A5X system-on-chip may not quite be able to match a PlayStation 3, but some games industry bigwigs believe it's only a matter of time before Apple's tablet catches up to consoles.

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Moncole3428d ago

And EA thinks Origin is good.

Misterhbk3428d ago

If the iPad is the future of gaming count me out.

Hellsvacancy3428d ago

And me, im really not intersested in any kind of portable gamin device, ive never even held a PSP before

Stoned and sprawled across my nice big sofa infront of me large tv is the way i game, and will always game


and EA and EPIC are the future dumb developers looking to make angry bird type lite games because they are lazy and have run out of ideas on how to cater to the hardcore gaming crowd

Drekken3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I'm with you. It seems like all these game devs want to take away all pinpoint accuracy and control over games to leave us with an unsatisfying feeling. Its bad enough to play most games we have to use a controller... Now they want us to use some crap pad to shake a swipe? I will quit gaming also.

(and what I mean by use controller is: I gamed on PC for years and made the shift to consoles this gen and PC by far has the most accuracy for shooters and the most options for customization.)

Solid_Snake373428d ago

oh cant take it... so much ass kissing...

Saladfax3428d ago

It boggles my mind how some of you people, no offense, don't understand what they're talking about.

It's not going to be a system by which you play games directly on your iPad. Controls without pressure or tactile feedback are one of the worst methods of input, and even trying to market it as a handheld experience would just plain fail.

No, what they're talking about is a portable device which has hardware capable of hooking up to your television and (with peripherals) provides experiences on par with your current favorite console. It also happens to surf the internet, hold many ebooks and your song library, travel over to your friend's house to play games, and all the other junk. Is it a good thing? Hell, I don't know. I don't really want an iPad, but sincerely doubt it'll be the only game in town if this indeed is where things go.

It's device consolidation, and the iPad won't be the last to try it. In a couple of years, smartphones and other tablet providers will pretty much be trying the exact same thing.

Diver3428d ago

can you imagine gaming if the pc and consoles dropped away? e3 would have angry bird babes and ign would be catering to people that may make a game like AB sell but they aren't game enthusiasts.

none of these dummies at epic seem to understand that most ipad gamers aren't big gamers. we already tried to use a device to make non-gamers into gamers. its called the wii. how far did that advance the game experience?

other than gears epic don't know crap about games. they killed UT and should just shut up.

stevenhiggster3428d ago


I agree with what you're saying. The trouble is though it just seems to me like everyone thinks this is some new concept, a device that can game at a high level, store ebooks and other documents, browse the web etc.

Ummm... THE PC SAYS HI!!

Wintersun6163428d ago


Get back to this planet. That sounds nice and all on paper, until you add reality to the table. A few short points why a dedicated device is better for gaming than a do-it-all device.

- iPad has to be thin, thin devices produce a lot of heat.
- Because of those physical limitations there are certain limits to what kind of hardware the iPad can have.
- iPads and other tablets and smartphones are prone to overheating in continuous resource demanding use. This is a problem that will not go away any time soon because each new device is becoming more and more powerful and slim tablets and phones will never have cooling systems that compare to consoles that can be a lot bigger.
- If used for gaming much, the battery would start degrading very soon because of the heat and continuous charging and decharging. Ever tried to change a battery to an iDevice? Yeah, that'll void your warranty.
- iOS eats a lot of resources which means that a dedicated console with the exact same hardware has better looking and performing games.
- A new iPad is released every year and costs what, 600$? Give it a maximum of 2 years until you need to buy a new one to play fresh games.
- This is just an opinion, but it's one that I'm sure almost every gamer can agree with: dedicated consoles will always have better 1st party games.

sikbeta3428d ago


Steam zealots think everything non Steam is bad, so?


Release i-devices every year and expend s***loads of millions in advertising = check

Tell i-zealots that they need new i-devices asap everytime one comes out = check

Keep selling s***loads of i-devices every year to the same people = check

tell i-zealots that i-devices are consoles = incoming

future of gaming: $0.99 and the death of traditional gaming = incoming

Dee_913428d ago

and the future of gaming is the ipad.


Once the iPads and tablets catch up to the ps3 they will have to catch up to the ps4 and nextbx
then when they catch up to ps4 and nextbox they will have to catch up to ps5 and newnextbox.

I do have giant hands so I might be able to use the ipad as a controller /s

ikkokucrisis3428d ago

someone tell me why i would want to develop a game that takes me 3 years to make on a platform that changes every year?!!

madjedi3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Thank you wintersun, you laid out all the reasons why trying to using a mobile device like a standalone console is a impractical solution.

By a 3ds or a vita for mobile gaming, if your spending $600+ on a ipad for gaming your a fool, that is either a vita/3ds and a console or a decently powerful pc to game on.

But that is a bizarre society in which we live, $300-400 cellphones and $600 ipad are perfectly acceptable but the ps3 launching at $599(which was damn steep) and the 360 launching at $499 is too expensive?

"It's device consolidation, and the iPad won't be the last to try it. In a couple of years, smartphones and other tablet providers will pretty much be trying the exact same thing."

And they will still have many of the same problems, that exist today not as powerful as current gen systems, near double the price of dedicated systems, heat issues and battery life.

Why are people trying to push the portable tiny pc that replaces everything, before it's even practical. We are going to see the end of moore's law with silicone in 10-20 yrs in alot of estimates.

Maybe graphene or one of the other materials in testing will be the new silicone, but till then the dedicated systems, aren't going away for a very long time.

Getowned3428d ago

Gaming sucks on a Ipad.Ipads are nice and all but gaming is god aweful I had the chance to try a few games on a Ipad today and I couldn't stand it the only game that I found that controlled well was angry birds and thats not saying a lot seeing as that game is crap imo.Gamings future is in no way on the Ipad at all I don't care if the Ipad has the best grapics card and 50GB or ram on a I7 it's not the future of gaming because the controls suck you see I like this little thing called buttons and a controller.

I also got a chance to test out a 3ds and a vita.I did think the 3DS was a ok system but I didn't think the 3D was all that great, but on the other hand I don't have anything but good things to say about the vita which is a really the best hand held ever made imo, and I'm the kind of person who dislikes hand helds a lot.I am not a fanboy in anyway and I hate people who suck up to any company(unless it's steam aka valve,beacuse steam is just bad ass) but Sony has 100% delivered the goods with the vita.

DeadlyFire3428d ago

Do I really want a pad screen controller? NO.

I stick to my Keyboard+Mouse, and console controllers.

The pad controller idea is a niche, just like motion controls. Its a fragment of choice. Its not the whole picture. In the end you will find more gamers with a controller or keyboard+mouse than anything else.

contra1573428d ago

I think mobile gaming with cell phones or tablets is cool for casual gaming , but the fact of the matter is that mobile gaming (phones,tablets) would not have exploded so massively if the gaming industry actually listened or gave a damn about the hard-core gamers. Look what's happened to gaming it's being everyday more shaped for noobs.

Intentions3428d ago


If this happens, then I am moving to PC gaming permanently.

Ares84HU3427d ago

I'm a type of gamer who needs to have an actual physical controller to play. I cannot play games on an iPad or on my iPhone at all. Angry Birds yes, but for a few seconds when I wait at the doctors office but than again....I get bored with it in a few seconds.

As soon as iPad and it's likes take over I'm done with gaming. The only thing that keeps me happy is the knowledge that there are hundreds of games even from this generation I haven't played yet so I guess I will be playing them at some point. Just like I play a ton of PS1 games still I can easily see myself playing PS3 games 15+ years from now.

Saladfax3427d ago

@various people above

To every person even slightly suggesting that they intend the future to be touchscreen controlled: stop being dumb! There is no way, I repeat, NO WAY that they'll use such a horrible input method for mainstream gaming.

There's no reason to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars on development for something that is destined to be shit just because of controls, and devs aren't (well, mostly) that bloody stupid.

And no, everything is going to be Angry Birds. For Christ's sake, as long as there is a market for anything from Uncharted to Modern Warfare to whatever game didn't flop, you'll be able to buy and play those games. Plus, you'll always have niche genres filled by independent game companies, and every now and then you'll get something like Bastion, which is just bloody brilliant.

@wintersun (good band, but could never get into them)

Most of your issues are minor quibbles based upon technology that essentially doubles in power every two years (See: Moore's Law), and once again I'll stress that I'm not necessarily in favor of this notion of device consolidation.

Think of past generations and how serious heating issues have been. It's not like any of them have ever been immune to those issues.

Plus, this and your battery issue can be solved by your very own "iPad Console Dock! Comes complete with wireless gamepad, cooling apparatus, and dedicated power supply to ensure your relaxation time goes uninterrupted.

I think in the nearish future it'll be quite obvious how a simplified, unified architecture for development to be distributed across several avenues (even something like Droid Market and App Store) will make the notion of first party obsolete.

Not that I don't enjoy Uncharted, Demon's Souls, etc, but those games will be made in the same quality and spread across more users, which will make the devs and the owners of the studio (Sony) more money. In all likelihood, you'll see universal devices in the same sense as you see DVD players: a means to an end.

Oh, and as far as price goes... it's Apple. They like their 30 point profit margin, but a competitor, say, Sony, could make a similar, universal media product with their own app store and OS which might be a bit cheaper.

Blah blah, random speculation. The main point is for people to stop thinking somehow touchscreen crap controls will dominate the future. It's idiotic to even suggest.

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dedicatedtogamers3428d ago

EA and Epic are sorely out of touch with gaming if they believe this. Then again, EA and EPIC are two of the most profitable "mainstream" developers on iOS so it's no surprise they'd advocate for it when they whore their games out on it.

sikbeta3428d ago

Epic is smarter though, they capitalize on selling UE3 mod-version to developers of I-devices, so they can take money from the licenses fees, EA in the other hand would lose much more IF the future of gaming is about selling games @ 0.99/4.99 :/

TBM3428d ago

If it does i quit gaming period.

LAWSON723428d ago

LMAO If anything has to do with the future of consoles then PC here I come

Tonester9253428d ago

haha If it comes to that I will come aboard too. I want a gaming PC to go along with my PS3 anyway.

mabreu3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

If they want to make iPad a console, they should stop releasing new iPads every year. Console's rely on standard hardware that only change when a new generation is ready.

Standard hardware helps developers make games that utilizes what's available to it's upmost potential. If the hardware changes, they have to take into consideration that older iPads need to work with your game. This is fine too because PC games are designed that way for many years.

People need to embrace the iPad and smartphone platform AS IS and stop trying to make it a "console killer."

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Zeixama3428d ago

Ipad is good only for close screen masturbation and hacking .

princejb1343428d ago

As a iPad owner, this is definitely not the future of gaming

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TekoIie3428d ago

We both have nice butts! ;)

Ult iMate3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Agree. What can Epic possibly know about the future of consoles, when they joined consoles only in this gen?
When Kojima or Inafune, or Nomura, or anyone else who've been with consoles for more than ten years, will say something about iPad, then I would belive. But not Epic. They did absolutely nothing for consoles in the past gens neither for portable consoles to say anything about the future of consoles.

3428d ago
DigitalAnalog3428d ago

Where are THE GAMES? If Infinity Blade is the prime example of what the "future" of gaming is supposed to be, then I do NOT intend to look forward to it AT ALL.

OcularVision3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

N4G does have some stubborn people. Remember when the Atari came out? Many people thought it was an overpriced piece of tech that is only good for showing off; they thought the machines in arcades were here to stay. Same with motion controls like the Wii.

Oh, and you can't say that the Wii U controller wasn't at least a little bit inspired by one of the Apple devices.

BubloZX3428d ago

The Wii U pad is a table with a controller lol. The ipad is a tablet. ONE IS FOR GAMING! The other for everything else. Seriously everything you just compared where dedicated gaming machines, Not multi purpose overrated tech. I mean the ipad wont have games that look marginally better or more impressive then the 3DS why? No standard medium for storing games and Apple always releases new hardware. That's less incentive for developers to waste money on making games for it. Then you also gotta keep in consideration that tablets overheat and have rechargeable batteries. Ipad just wont work.

Ult iMate3428d ago

@ OcularVision
So much words, but nothing about particular games. So much for "future of gaming", lol.

majiebeast3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Hahaha. I can already see it dragon age 2 for ipad 3 now with even less locations or mass effect 3 with even more locked away content. They just need to find a game that caters to the hipster & midlife crisis demographic shouldnt be too hard though.

Im sticking to my console's,pc and vita for gaming not some overpriced tablet that cost 100$ to make and they sell for 500.

Funny how when sony launches a 599$ console that was top of the line they get yelled at by these same publishers, but a 500 something tablet that has 25% of the value is now the future of gaming seriously!