Crazy (real-life) Wii Remote tech-support call...

Wired - By Russ Neumeier, December 30, 2007:

The GeekMom and GeekDad (Mrs. and Mr. Neumeier) got the kids a Wii for Christmas. Last night, one of the remotes went funky - you could press the buttons and select options on the screen, but when you went to swing a golf-club, bowl, pitch a baseball or swing a baseball bat, the Wii remote acted like it wasn't there. GeekDad can fix this... GeekDad knows he can...

• Fresh batteries - nope.
• Re-sync the remote - nope.
• Re-sync all the remotes - nope.
• Reset the remote - still nope.

So, GeekDad exhausted all the options for getting a remote to work given on the Nintendo support site and called (with gritted teeth) the customer service line... two days after Christmas. GeekDad expected the worst.

GeekDad was surprised. A very pleasant lady took his call within one minute of getting through the push-button maze to get to Wii Remote troubleshooting.

GeekDad explained what the problem was and what he had tried. She then asked him to check one more thing - the Wii Sensor - which checked out. Then the conversation went something like this...

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Mr_Kuwabara4036d ago

Remember the all time remedy for fixing your original Nintendo?

Just blow! Lawl

Voozi4036d ago

And if blowing didnt work, then it was getting a Q Tip dipped in Rubbing Alcohol and swabbing it inside the cartridge cleaning out the gunk inside =P you'd be suprised how much dirt, dust, and black stuff appeared on the Q Tip if you've never done that before XD

DRUDOG4036d ago

I guess slapping it in your hand fixes the (lack of a better term) gyro inside? I wonder if it was stuck inside?

Finally tried the Wii over xmas and I loved the tennis. My arm was hurting the next day and for a while I couldn't figure out what caused it until I remember our marathon tennis matches! If the thing was a hundred bucks less I'd probably spring for one.

crazypuppet4036d ago

man it would make the weekly repair so much easier if there was support like this at microsoft

Skynetone4036d ago

This time it would have saved me a phone call

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