Kotaku Reader's Choice PSN GOTY

Yesterday Kotaku published their goaties for each platform and the overall game of the year. Today's your chance to vote for the best game in each platform. Hit the jump to vote for the PSN's Game of the Year. Kotaku will be publishing polls for the rest of the categories throughout the day. On Monday Kotaku will tabulate the totals and use that to put up a poll for the Reader's Choice Overall Game of the Year.

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rushbd4040d ago

both are great. tough choice. but i select EDS :D

rev204040d ago

I havent played or bought any of the psn games apart from warhawk.

None of them have appealed to me instead prefer to waste my money on old ps2 classics i never got round to playing/completing

Samer3054040d ago

Super StarDust easily. Well I have not played everyday shooter but seen videos of it and its to slow paced for me. Warhawk is available in stores thats why it does not count. But my choise is SSD HD.

MaximusPrime4040d ago

Flow and Super Stardust HD are the only games available on UK's PSN store.

Both are great game and it is a tough choice.

I voted Super stardust HD.

Great 1080p game, addictive, great music, great graphic, overly hard game.
This is a direct competition with Xbox 360's Geometry Wars. (This too is a fantastic game)

LinuxGuru4040d ago

I haven't played Super Stardust HD.

Should I get it?

I heard it's quite good, no?

DRUDOG4039d ago

If you're on the fence about SSHD then get off and buy it. It's a blast. I've got all three and I vote SSHD, ES then flOw, in that order. I still play SSHD all the time, good jump in and play for 15 min or an hour.

EHILL4040d ago

Blast factor is still the only PSN title I can play for more than 15 minutes and not get bored.

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The story is too old to be commented.