Major Nelson: Xbox LIVE Status

Major Nelson writes on his blog regarding the many Xbox LIVE service issues:

"You may have noticed that the LIVE service has been having a few issues over the past few days. This includes things like signing in, matchmaking and account recovery. Not everyone has had problems, but I know some of you have and I wanted to give you and update. While the service was never completely offline, problems like this are not acceptable. The entire LIVE team has been working day and night to ensure that you can have a great LIVE experience. While we're not done yet, I wanted to let you know that things are getting better each hour and that no one on the team is going anywhere until the job is done".

Update: is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

“Server is too busy” -

Looks like too many Xbox Live users are experiencing issues with their paid service and are looking for an explanation.


“Service Unavailable” -


“ is currently undergoing maintenance. We'll be back shortly.” -


The site is up and running again, for now.

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mesh14039d ago


ASSASSYN 36o4039d ago

I got friends that have signed on and off repeatedly. But, I too have had no problems at all.

BrianC62344039d ago

This is funny. I clicked on the link to read the report and after a minute got a server is too busy error message. I guess Microsoft must have upgraded their servers to Vista and now they don't work anymore.

lawman11084038d ago

I was not able to find a match and it would say I needed a conection. Too bad PSN does not have enough people to cause these problems

AzaziL4038d ago

You must be very lucky, live hasn't been the same since christmas as far as I can tell. They couldn't of picked a better timing for their infrastructure to fail, good job!

mikeslemonade4038d ago

To Lawman

Yes the PSN did have the same problem with Warhawk and COD4 at release, but the difference is PSN is free so you can forgive it. $50 is not acceptable to ever have it down unless there's an update. But too many people buying 360s is not an excuse. Did you ever think about the kids that opened the 360 and expect to play online for christmas break? This is typical for MS. The RRod happened for so long before they did anything about it and now XBL gold.

athlon7704038d ago

neither my son or myself (we have seperate 360's) have been able to log into XBL. We get to the point where we can see that we have 'X' munber of friends online, but all of the blades are blank.

Tru2U4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I was playing Rock Band and XBL kept signing me out. I also had an issue with downloading add on songs to the game. One song didn't download at first. Once I logged out and logged back in the download continued and finished. The major issue I had was trying to play Madden online. I would link with other player and it would never go into the game. Both players had to turn off console since game would never "begin". Atleast it didn't count as a "quit" or DNF. As of today XBL has been fine.

When I had issues with XBL I just switched to COD 4 on my PS/3. All was fine. This is another good reason to own more than one console for you fanboys out there.

Why are there so many problems with XBL recently? My opinion is that everyone is online at the same time due to new games for Christmas, school breaks, and cold weather. This is causing a "system overload"

In this situation I'd cut M$ alittle slack. I'm sure they will adjust to the high volume and the kiddies will also be back in school again soon.

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solidt124039d ago

I have had problems everyday every time I try to get on. Maybe it's a regional problem. Im in North Carolina, but I get kicked out of Live Sporadically every time I log in. Well at least they are working on it non-stop. They will get it fixed

AzaziL4038d ago

But by then, how many of us will not be on vacation anymore. That's the real disappointing part of all this, especially for everyone that just got a 360.

marc 19754039d ago

i have had problems with live.. but im not crying about it like some ps3 fans ...ive had this service for over 2yrs with no major issues.

ravinash4039d ago

besides, I remember not to long ago the 360 fan going on and on about issues with the Playstation network.

marc 19754039d ago

some ps3 fans care more about the story then there own ie ps3 fans saying "crappy live and rrod"i'm just saying SOME

Winter47th4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

No it's not, us PS3 fans are just jealous that Live users have to fork out $$$ to play FFS, and if they don't then they're shut off and are not allowed to download new supposedly free stuff for a week, other than that, we're more jealous everytime their Live goes down they can't stop complaining about PS3 and all that Damage-Control tactics, amazing.

dachiefsman4038d ago

"ive had this service for over 2yrs with no major issues"

My stuff is screwing up as well and can't join matches but the above quote is the one reason I am not complaining. Xbox Live has been a reliable service since the day I started using it. People just need to slow down and have some patience.

oh and the whole PS3 fan boy whatever boys suck....ALL fan boys

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heavyarms4039d ago

Fix it quick or give me back my refund. The system has been acting up. I cant even play the multiplayer games online because of the long wait and the constant signing in and out. This is is really pissing me off now. Get it fixed. I just bought cod4, timeshift and forza2 and i'm not happy with xbox live. This whole week i would say xbox live has been stinking it up and its just not worth paying for if this continues.

FunnyBone4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Go cry somewhere where people can help you..Why act like a 10 year old and do it here....

No problems here..Had some about 2 weeks ago..Hope they get it fixed for everyone.....

Genuine4039d ago

I have been a Live member for over 3 years, and this is the very first time I have ever had any issues. They will get it straightened out.

travelguy2k4039d ago

problems for a week now, and they are not sending anyone home till the problem is fixed, i would hate to be a Microslave employee. lol ;) anyway, i have no doubts that they are working very hard to correct any issues there may be.

lawman11084038d ago

They sold so many 360's this Christmas and all of them have free Live in them so it is just a traffic jam they will work it out. I can not wait for the PS3 fanboy tears when the PSN starts to charge after they get that turd "Home network" going. Do you think they are NOT going to charge EVER? If they had enough people on that NOW they would charge. Why do you think they NEVER advertise "FREE ONLINE" ? BECAUSE IT AINT GONNA BE FREE FOR LONG!!

Ancient Enemy4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Paying for a service that does not work for a long period of time and not getting comped for it is bad business, but then again your talking about M$.

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lwsbrck4039d ago

im pretty sure its a regional issue

last night i was playing between 9 to 11ish GMT, which is what, 7 to 9is in the states? i.e. when xbox live is at its busiest. i played again about 10am, and it was fine, probably cause most people in the states are asleep, hence less strain on the network.

just my 2 pence

MegaTroll4039d ago

Nope. Microsoft is falling apart. I advise you to buy a PS3, if you don't have one yet. By then, you will know true gaming nirvana.

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