Has Windows Vista Failed? "When Microsoft extended the lifespan of its Windows XP operating system, announcing that it would remain on store shelves until June next year, it appeared that people were taking a dim view about the merits of upgrading to Windows Vista.

Windows XP was supposed to expire in January 2008, but the five-month kiss-of-life was explained by Microsoft as a response to feedback from its customers, which made industry-watchers wonder whether the real reason was that people were not prepared to upgrade to Vista, which went on sale in January this year.

Microsoft was at pains to stress that Vista was doing well, but admitted there were "some customers who need a little more time to make the switch.""

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Heaven_Or_Hell4042d ago

0 comments and already 140°... WTF XD

Don't care about this crappy OS, just love my XP.

JsonHenry4042d ago

I remember people saying the SAME sort of things about XP, lol..

Heaven_Or_Hell4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

And you remember too how many people returned back to 2000 or Millenium when they took XP ?
Don't have the answer ? It doesn't matter =D

actionjackson4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Both of your are correct in part. The difference with Vista is that MS didn't extend Windows XP wantingly. Dell and HP (especially Dell) repeatedly demanded that XP be extended based on the consumers demand for it. That's fairly unprecedented. Usually, when a new opersating system is released, most people complain due to the spectrum of bugs it contains, or that their older systems simply do not run the OS smoothly. This time around, system integrators got involved forcing XP's lifespan. These computer companies could not afford a full transition to Vista, while being bombarded with software issues. By keeping XP on the market, it allowed MS time (roughly a year and a half) to resolve issues, not discovered at launch. Not saying that Vista will not be the future, but for computer companies to step in like this, it says something about future operating systems.

BrianC62344042d ago

I have Vista on my desktop and laptop at home. The laptop came with it so overall it works okay but I have a lot of problems with Flash crashing IE7. I don't know who to blame for that but it gets really annoying when I'm online and have several sites up and IE reboots.

My desktop computer I upgraded to Vista Ultimate 64. I'm having problems with it now that could require a rebuild. I'm just trying to decide what to put on it. Maybe I'll go back to XP Pro. If not I might install Vista Ultimate 32. I only upgraded it to get a 64 bit OS on it but I guess Vista 64 is garbage. Or at least 64 bit driver support is terrible.

Microsoft needs to find a way to add some of the big features they promised would be in Vista. It ended up being just a nicer looking XP with less driver support. Most of what people wanted was dropped because they couldn't finish it if they didn't drop it. And it took Microsoft five years to make Vista. That's sad. I'd say so far it has failed.

crazypuppet4042d ago

everyone should use linux

BrianC62344041d ago

"everyone should use linux"

I agree. Right now as I type I'm rebuilding my PC. I'm putting XP back on it but also a Linux distro. Now I just need to figure out which one. The biggest problem I had before was getting my wireless connection to work. Has any Linux distro solved that problem?

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HeartlesskizZ4042d ago

what kind of question is that?
they should check how many people still use Xp and has switch back from Vista to XP. is horrible

mikeslemonade4041d ago

I like Vista better than XP, but I suck at computers either way. I just mainly because it's new and no one uses it. I also like how it's more mac esque now.

Play B3yond4041d ago

IMO a computer is a computer. I dont care if its XP,Vista or whatever long as i can go on this site and dowload music im happy( Btw i have vista).

ravinash4042d ago

It took years for Windows XP to become common place on PCs.
I remember when Windows, I think it was either XP or 2000, had little drivers for the hardware with caused problems for a lot of people.
Vista, it seems like a lot of software issues occur.
people are just waiting for the bugs to be cleaned out before they change. Plus XP is well established and works now, why change it with something that does not.

Wozzer4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I'll stick to XP thankyou very much.

Quickstrike4042d ago

same here. My friend bought a new computer and he couldn't play Starcraft on it. I think its because of Vista.

Azurite4042d ago

If only Vista showed greater performance than XP...