Call of Duty 4 Is An Awesome Gaming Experience That Gets Everything Right

SunJournal: "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the latest in the celebrated series of first-person shooters, has some pretty big shoes to fill. The fact that it must compete with the much-hyped Halo 3 and Bioshock doesn't make things any easier.

But Call of Duty 4 ($59.99 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Nintendo DS) has one major advantage: It does everything right.

First, the graphics are awesome. As in, my jaw hung open in awe when I first saw the beautifully rendered images on a high-definition TV. It still looks like a video game, but sometimes not by much".

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FreeMonk4037d ago

What about the short 5 hour single player campaign??

How about the lack of Co-op Campaign which is standard in most First Person Shooters??

As mentioned, loads of MP errors and glitches??

It's a superb game, nbut an awesome gaming experience that gets everything right??? Nahhhhhhh!!!

I don't think anyone has seen a game like that yet!

rev204037d ago

I have its called Final Fantasy VII


Kaneda4036d ago

I am glad the single camp. is 5 hours... it is short.. but the story is great.. no complaint...

ps3playbeyon4036d ago

It's a great Game ...But I also Think it lacked the co-op play that should be regular in fps games now...and also the campain was an awesome experience but a little too short...other than that its the most fun i had playin online in a while...Great Game.

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Genki4037d ago

It's good, the most fun I've had in months, but it certainly doesn't get EVERYTHING right.

Look to the various issues plaguing online MP for that.

Wozzer4037d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I agree, the online Mp has some major issues. For example Getting kicked in a lobby when there is no kick option available, 'Connection Interuppted' errors, Death Cam irregularities, forgetting class names, but the fact that I have to wait 20 minutes on average to join a game takes the pi$$ most of all! (Its not down to my internet connection btw). I think the Infinity Ward devs need to get their arses into gear; they recently announced on the official COD4 forums that there was going to be a patch and detailed all the Xbox360 improvements, then said 'the PS3 will have a similar patch coming Very soon'; OK Where is it then, and why be so vague towards PS3 users? For a game where 90% of the replay value is found in the Online MP you'd think such major issues would be ironed out!

Shankle4037d ago

Wow, I've had the occasional issue with creating parties but nothing like that! Is that the xbox or ps3 version?

Raptors4037d ago

Is that the ps3 version or the 360 version? I have the 360 version and for the most part you have the odd irregularity here and there but everything usually works as intended. Can any ps3 owners speak of their experiences? I was gonna rent the ps3 version just so I can see how it plays.

rev204037d ago

My ps3 version plays absolutely fine no lag no connection problems, ive never experienced any problems, had to wait like 5 mins for a game before, but thats i must be lucky

Shankle4036d ago

Nah, I don't think you're lucky. Wozzer's probably just blowing smoke.

Kaneda4036d ago

I have been having issues on MP too... keep getting disconnected..

macalatus4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

First a disclaimer: I'm NOT a Shmee-type "Sony fanboy" who thinks that all of you having a PS3 COD4 and having problems as liars. I just want to know what country you guys are located at.

Before the patch, I too was having problems, but after the patch everything else is okay. Most of my clan mates are from different countries, but mainly from the Philippines. Whenever the host is from the United States or at least North America, they're having problems. But if the host is somewhere in Asia, they don't have problems, but I do. A lot of the times, my "disconnect error" happens whenever I play with a European host, as implied by the various European languages of the people with mics.

Once again, I'm not saying that any of you guys are liars talking crap about Sony, but it could be your location and the host's location, not the system per se. Another thing too, not all countries outside United States uses a matter of fact, a lot still uses the regular phone line for their Internet service. So ISP can be another key factor.

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AngryHippo4037d ago brilliant but by no means perfect. There is always room for improvement. It is however a seriously intense fps and has really fun online mp appart from the recent problems, its great fun.

rev204037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Everything right apart from........

Stupidly short single player although it is great while it lasts.

The crappy textures they do look awesome from afar, but close up their terrible ill let them off though because the game plays so smooth at 60 fps.

Also the game is so easy online and offline well on the ps3 anyway aint played the 360 one online since the beta.

I am of course nitpicking the game itself is awesome in small doses

FirstknighT4037d ago

The multiplayer is alot of fun but pretty simple to rack up kills. Especially with certain perks. No headshots are needed. A simple spray on the body is an instant kill. Halo 3 is still the best competitive multiplayer experience.

rev204037d ago

Agreed the multiplayer is stupidly easy, take domination for example airstrike spawn helicopter repeat 60+ kills without actually having to do anything.

ddldave4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

sorry brah, in real life you'll die from that "short spray" and in real life, you don't even aim for the head, you just try to aim at any body part and shoot.

but hey if you don't like that, i guess it's just you. i'd stick to call of duty 4, rather than fake little kiddy games like halo 3.

Perkel4037d ago

what next ? Comparition btwn Halo vs Mario ... u suck man ^^ lol

Antiomo4037d ago

q3a, ut, and counterstrike are the most competitive experiences.

FirstknighT4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

"sorry brah, in real life you'll die from that "short spray" and in real life, you don't even aim for the head, you just try to aim at any body part and shoot"

I guess in real life all you have to do is hide for a few seconds and your completely healed by that "short spray" right??? Oh yeah I forgot about the infinite lives that you have after being blown to bits by frag gernades.

It's a video game Dumbass! If you wanted to play a video game about real war than your first death would be your last death.

icechai4036d ago

Antiomo is right, Halo 3 can't compete with the PC shooter club. What it has going for it is the sheer amount of people who play it, but as for top competitive FPS, you won't find it on the consoles.

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