'Casual games' won't crowd out hardcore titles

The arrival of Home and WiiWare means that we would continue to see smaller and shorter games from small and big developers aimed at the download market. The so-called "casual games" have evolved into a big business and became the buzzword of 2007. Growth in that area can be expected to continue in the new year.

That isn't to say that there will not be the usual big-budget, big-name, hardcore titles that would hit stores. Some of the more hotly anticipated titles include:

Grand Theft Auto IV - More carjackings, shootings, beatings and other illegal activities. Sure to be the most controversial and popular game of the year.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - An older Solid Snake, super-soldier extraordinaire, must navigate a deadly battlefield in this latest entry in the popular stealth series.

Halo Wars - The "Halo" franchise takes a 90-degree turn with this real-time strategy game.

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Rockstar4040d ago

That must be TheMart realizing how cool the PS3 is after all the trash talk.

crazy250004040d ago

awesome comment, made my day =)

Bazookajoe_834040d ago

But not by home and wiiware, the casual gamer dont download there game. Casual games will take developpers away from bigger project´s, to be specifik wii will take away developpers from big project´s back to daycare...

(my oppinion)

crazy250004040d ago

if you havent realized, 3rd party developers are doing terrible with Wii sales
they are worried because most people bought the Wii for their old school games that made Nintendo popular

games4fun4040d ago

Although a little off topic imo There is already a casualty of the casual market, skies of arcadia 2 is coming out for the wii (originally on dreamcast later ported to gamecube), it almost made me buy a wii so I could play the game like I did on the dreamcast, I was all set and ready to buy a wii even tho I hate the wii console, then it hit me two horrible things came to my mind
1. the gfx will suck a lot the great thing about skies was that the graphics were done so well and I would have liked to see even a halfway decent upgraded gfx for the ps360 but on the wii they will be lucky to deliver the original gfx the dreamcast version had
2. the wii controls will suck completely for this game, the game is very long and the whole thing about it was all the exploring you did which is great with joysticks but with wii controls I decided it would ruin the memory I have of it if I played it on the wii and had to do all those stupid motions I would break the game disc over how butchered it was from the original I think all wii games should have gamecube controller support (although the gamecube controller isn’t all that great I would definitely like the option to use a real gamepad)
I hope this game goes multiplat
On a sidenote: skies is one of my favorite rpg’s it was a jrpg that didn’t have characters with ridiculous hair dews the art style was tastefully done although a little kid like and you also had ship battles in between the normal random fighting system. Also it had art style for each region there was a middle eastern,pirate,asian,Europe, and the natives for a forested area and you sailed the skies it pretty much was everything that a jrpg could do right and not have the heros and character with fed up hair also the final boss was good and the storyline was good too

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