Pocket Gamer's 10 Worst PSP Games of 2007

There was no portable console more adept at hosting substandard movie-based experiences than Sony's handheld. Indeed, you'll see these make up a considerable proportion of the worst PSP games of the year.

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Close_Second4575d ago

...don't even come in to a posting like this then. Just move on.

Barreldragon004575d ago

There is crap on every system always has been always will be. The fact still remains that i just got a PSP with 4 games (Daxter, Jeanne D'arc, Warhammer 40k squad command, and Killzone liberation) and i couldn't be happier with every one of those games.

TheMART4575d ago

Well I was just triggered when I saw God of War in 2008 on that handheld. And God I hate the Nintendo DS that's less powerfull then my mobile phone

MK_Red4575d ago

Barreldragon00, you've got to get Ratchet & Clank PSP (Size Matters), Lumines 2, Mercury Meltdown and most importantly Crush. But I agree that those games are classic.

I also agree with TheMART, GOW PSP looked insane. I really wasn't expecting a PSP game to look that good. It looked better than most of Wii games let alone PSP titles and really close to superb looking GOW on PS2.

Rhezin4575d ago

^ yah agreed Mart, love the PSP at least when the GOW game comes out, silent hill is also very cool for the system.

Chubear4574d ago

Most of those games listed are actually fun games. Very lame attempt. Look on the Wii's library if you're having a hard time looking for utter crap titles for a gaming console.