Sony on upgrading your PS3 hard drive: OMG, do it!

Surprisingly, Sony seem to be all for the system modification. In one of the latest posts on their official blog, Sony's "Social Media Manager" Jeff Rubenstein links to a CNET Asia tutorial on the process. He even gets a little cheap shot against the "competition" in.

"Fortunately, the PS3 doesn't require some hard-to-find proprietary HDD," he writes.

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Winter47th4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

A step towards the right direction, the console's support for Linux was only an indication to a great start and a promising future, hopefully the 'competition' could learn a thing or two from its open-ended policy, don't BAN and destroy like the 'fan mod' that was ONLY intended to stay clear of your two-years-still-a-****-up which is the RROD, but adapt to the needs of the consumers.

Well done Sony on embracing rationally to the needs of your consumers and not shattering their efforts for what they rightly paid for.

ReBurn4038d ago

So do you run Linux on your PS3? Do you know of anyone that still does? I doubt it. I am glad that Sony allows the option. But they aren't as open with their technology as you're trying to make it sound considering Sony doesn't allow full access to the PS3's hardware. And homebrew on the PSP will brick it in a heartbeat.

It is still better than Microsoft charging $180 for a $60 hard drive upgrade. I know that accessories are where they make money, but that's just ridiculous. Microsoft needs to release an external hard drive case that allows us to change hard drives at will. It would suck, but I would pay $100 for a case that I could put my own drives in. Either that or they should start supporting external USB drives.

Danielson4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

"So do you run Linux on your PS3?,Do you know of anyone that still does? I doubt it"

I do ;p

Kaneda4038d ago

This is no way better than 360 changing face plate..:)

zapass4037d ago

I don't care about the rsx personally, the heart of the ps3 for me is the cell processor and you have full access to it from linux. Any programmer can have a taste of true parallel programming for free on ps3. The only difficulty is that the GNU dev environment is on the rough side but that's a small price to pay for such massive horse power. SPEs are insanely fast when programmed properly, people who bash the cell are either totally ignorant, sloppy aging engineers or just scared to explore new grounds.

TeCh774037d ago

That's got to be the dumbest thing I've ever read. You'd rather have a faceplate than be able to increase your hd to whatever size you wanted? Wow. Where's that guy who's always talking about fit that bill to a T.

Lord_Mike4037d ago

I run Linux on my PS3 with my laser printer hooked up to it =P

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Gazman4038d ago

This is something I done within the first month of owning my ps3, without a doubt the best thing you can do to your ps3 and extremely easy to do.

spec_ops_comm4038d ago

Plus, Sony made this information available to us from the get-go. They have been promoting this modification since launch.. It's not like they lose money or anything (as they don't sell a Sony branded harddrive themselves).

MADGameR4038d ago

Getting a bigger Hard Drive will do me better than putting face plates on a 360. What do the face plates get you? NOTHING!

achira4038d ago

have already a big hdd in my ps3. 250 gigs, for 100 euros, and very easy to install. its fu*** great to have a lot of space. for videos (e.g. from stage6) of demos, space is needed!

Razzy4038d ago

"Fortunately, the PS3 doesn't require some hard-to-find proprietary HDD"

ohhh....b!tch slapped. ;)

Skerj4038d ago

Considering I didn't feel like having an external USB wire going all over the place I upgraded too. Didn't know how much I'd appreciate the space until Divx/Xvid functionality was added, the PS3 is always on now for sure. When not playing games we're watching movies and tv shows saved on it. Now they just need to add some of the video features from the PSP to top it all off and I'll truly be happy.