Surfer Girl's Dec 30th things: 2008 Titles

Surfer Girl offers a glimpse into what are coming in 2008: Factor 5's next title, two upcoming Tron titles on XBLA, Grasshopper's DS remakes, EA's Wii and DS exclusives, Xbox Originals lineup, additional Grand Theft Auto titles, Cryptic's Marvel Universe Online, Wolfenstein, and a new Eidos title.

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Nicosia4039d ago

Service expected to have over one hundred titles end of next year for xbox orginals. DAMN! Nice line-up from the looks of it.

Gazman4039d ago

Yet another great year for gaming

Skerj4039d ago

Still no Otogi I & II love from MS, that makes me a sad panda.

Gazman4039d ago

Hey I did not notice that, hope its coming

Skerj4039d ago

Yeah I at LEAST want them to make it BC, because then I can finally put the Xbox away. Who knows though, I should send an email to see what's up. They were 2 of the most gorgeous and underrated games on the Xbox.

Zhuk4039d ago

Over 100 Xbox Original titles Only on Xbox 360, this will undoubtedly continue the dominance of Xbox Live and Xbox 360s online offerings and award winning features over the PS3, a monkey could handle the PS1 library better than the droids at Sony

perseus4039d ago

I bow before your greatness, Master. You have unparalleled skills in the evil arts of the internet.

aaquib54039d ago

I don't know why, but I think Sony is just too dumb to translate the hundreds of PS1 games already in the Japan PS Store to English. It's pathetic at how few games we have when they're so simple to emulate on the console. If Microsoft can emulate full, high quality, original XBOX games, and Sony is struggling with tiny little PS1 games, you know something is wrong.

Skerj4039d ago

That's the thing, there should be nothing to translate considering they have the whole worldwide library at their disposal. It also doesn't take long to make a PS1 game compatible for PSP/PS3 as you can do it with custom PSP firmwares. Don't know what's up on SCEA's front but they need to get it together.

TheExodus4039d ago

It may not be as easy for Sony as it is for MS for the simple fact that 360 is a single platform with optional configurations while the PS3 is multiple platforms with optional configurations.

Skerj4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Configuration problems are actually in the 360's court but its minor, still if you (foolishly) got the Core or Arcade system you're SOL on BC and Xbox Originals. All PS3's play PS1 games and they all have USB ports so system configuration is a non issue. You can even download the games from the PC store to the PSP now. It's either a license issue, lazy issue, or it's low priority. Even if it's a license issue there are still a few first party games or IPs acquired by Sony that can be brought over easily.

Clinton5144039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

On weak last gen titles. Stupid fankids.

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gunnerforlife4039d ago

please just give me crazy taxi on psn:)

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The story is too old to be commented.