EA Sports and Leo Messi Foundation Announcement

EA SPORTS today announced that, in partnership with the Leo Messi Foundation, a popular street football pitch in Barcelona ...

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Master_S2409d ago

The best player in the world.

sonic9892408d ago

no cristiano ronaldo and ozil are better

TruthBTold2408d ago

Cr7 is a great player as a forward but messi is overall a better player. Ozil??? Not sure how you even came up with him competing with messi and cr7, unless you need to add ozil and cr7 to make them be able to compete with messi lol

sonic9892408d ago

sorry but ronaldo is the more complete player ( speed power skill free kicks heads goalscoring machine ) and he is a winger , messi is a forward also the refs help him and his team a loooot for me at least CR7 is the best also wesley snijder deserved the balon de or the year before this one since he won the triple with inter and went to the WC final with Netherlands and was the top scorer in the tournament and he is a midfielder ( what did messi do that year ( won the league LooooooooL) )

oli2408d ago

why not fix or make a street football pitch in argentina instead?

sonic9892408d ago

good idea but also if they made it in a big famous city like london paris would have made it better but i agree with you too