The best high-def TVs of 2007, John Archer, 30 Dec 2007 -- 2007 really has been a watershed year for TVs. Prices have plummeted so quickly it's hard to keep up; sizes have increased so fast; and flat TV technology has improved so much that it's enough to make you dizzy.

With so much going on, it's fair to say that any TV that manages to stand out from the crowd like the following five (presented in no particular order) really has to be something special.

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ddldave5570d ago

the usual

pioneer, panasonic, and samsung for plasma. sony, samsung, and sharp for lcd.

Antan5570d ago

For anyone in the market for 32" lcd`s, look no further than these 2. Probably the two best 32" available. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Both 100hz, and the Sony even has V1.3 hdmi.

Sony KDL-32D3000.

Philips 32PFL9632D.

Meus Renaissance5570d ago

I have the 32'D3000 in my bedroom, excellent screen

San anto5570d ago

kdl range own, ive got the 32S3000
currently the highest selling tv on amazon uk

Imallvol75570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

they should rename that TV's for people who have to much money and like to spend it on crap they think is awesome. The Sony KDS-A3000 series should be on that list.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't mean crap. Kinda confused as to why i wrote that. I meant pictures that are equal to or only slightly better than other cheaper tv's.

Mikey_Gee5570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

If you think that all the sets on this list are crap, you really have to revisit what you consider quality.

The Sony SXRD models are nice, but to call this entire list crap is really out there.

My main two WANTS are the new 52" XBR5 and Samsung 52" LED LCD (85 series I think) ... AWSOME HD sets. I had a 58" plasma that cost me $6000 and brought it back a week later since I seen (maybe not purmanent burn in) image retention that took a while to go away from playing games on. Even though I was PROMISSED it not longer happened.

Sharp Aquos are also killer sets. Only problem is they are tormented with banding issues. I had a D62 and a D92 I had to return because Of it.

MicroDisplay or LCD for me -- ALL THE WAY

A great resource for this sort of stuff is the AVS (audio visual science) forums. Look em up !! Great place with little to no retarded fanboyism. Mature adults ... nice to have for normal chats and questions.

Guwapo775570d ago

Hey man, I'm kinda surprised to hear that about the plasma you bought. After all the news I've been hearing/reading about plasmas no longer retaining the image on screen. I'm glad I stuck it out and bought the XBR3... but I already want the XBR5 52" *sobs* Once that gets down to about $2k I'm all over that.

OLED can't come soon enough...

gogators5570d ago

I think your thinking about the Samsung 81f series LCD with the backlit LED screen. I have the 52 inch version, and it's worth every extra penny. Best TV I have purchased to date.

Mikey_Gee5570d ago

But I will for sure tell you that my next will be one of those Sammy LED LCD's

I have seen one at my local shop and had to go home to change shirts since I drooled down the front of the one I was wearing while watching the set.

Jeebus5570d ago

a 73" 1080p in the living room, a 32"1080i in my room, and a 57"1080i in another room

The 73" is a real conversation piece and absolutely awesome for parties.

New Year's party is going to be nice

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