Why the PS3 Gives More Than Any Other Console

Express: In the current climate, people want to get the best possible console for the most affordable price and the PS3 appears to be the superior choice for a number of reasons.

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DarkSniper2409d ago

PlayStation®3 is the complete package when it comes to online entertainment, interactive gaming, and multimedia enjoyment. When Sony says that PS3 can only do everything, this was not an overstatement.

With features such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and even with Sony Computer Entertainment's exclusive reality series The Tester, PlayStation®3 provides consumers with the absolute most bang for your buck when compared to other consoles on the market.

Only PlayStation®3 gives you access to an online matrix with PlayStation Home. Home gives users a real life virtual community where you can interact and socialize with other likeminded gamers who share the same passion you. For the single men, there is also beautiful gamer girls that are waiting for their PS Gamer in shining armor.

Last but not least, PlayStation®3 gives you the most diverse lineup of games that the competition cannot compare to. With blockbuster titles such as Twisted Metal, The Last of Us, Kara(title pending), Syphon Filter, Starhawk, The Last Guardian, Agent, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it looks as if we are re-living the glory days of PS1 dominance with so many astronomical titles in the pipeline for this year.

Dark Sniper doesn't need to tell you why the PlayStation®3 gives you more than any other console. The only way to experience the PlayStation effect is by purchasing a PS3 today or asking any of your peers who owns one already. They will be more than happy to inform you that PlayStation®3 is that console from the future that was only envisioned in the Jetson's.

Welcome to the future.


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I seriously hope you copy and pasted that

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Lol, your snipes always make me laugh

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its quite obvious that the ps3 has the most to offer

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