Watch Bryan and Lars dominate in Street Fighter X Tekken

TecStories writes: Yep have a gander at the awesome locked DLC characters that are currently on your disc. Capcom should release this as DLC at some point in the future.

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guacman882408d ago

hahahaha bryan fury walking like silver samurai from x-men children of the atom game. wanna pick this up but stupid capcom tactics made me cancel my pre order i aint with all this stupid dlc charging for combos is absurd

memots2408d ago

So this Charging for combo thing is real he?

Not touching this one.

vortis2408d ago

It's preset combos, memots. Not sure what the pricing will be.

The Super Gems (clocking in at over 60) will also carry a price, no word on how much though.

Capcom has assured fans though that the first set of basic colors will be free, they're only going to charge for additional colors, advanced colors and metallic colors.

Raider692408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Thanks god i have a Jtag and a RGH 360 console,so i dont get screw with this kind of disc BS DLC.FuC% you greedy bastards!In case you people wonder there are 14 lock characters on disc, Megaman,Pac-man its not exclusive to the PS3 since they are also on the 360 version disc the only characters missing in the 360 version is COLE and a Cat that i dont recall the name.

rbluetank2408d ago

"Watch Bryan and Lars get dominate in Street Fighter X Tekken". this is what i seen and should have been the title of this article.. they barely won the match.. i liked the other two characters better. i am waiting for the special edition with these fighters included.

josephayal2408d ago

Looks nice but BLANKA is betta