Many Games Have Worse Endings Than “Mass Effect 3″

Aged Gamer writes: "Since everyone seem to be making such a big fuzz about the way Mass Effect 3 ends, how about we prove that there are far worse endings to be found, in the history of video games?

Our picks may not all be the most challenging games ever, but they all share a common theme: The ending was a huge “that’s what I get after all that?!” letdown…"

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Godmars2902413d ago

Honestly, especially looking at the time they those games were made, they're production values, no their endings are not worse than ME3's.

Spoony just did a review of Pagan and apparently that was both extremely buggy and unfinished.

Baka-akaB2413d ago

BS article as expected , for starters , even if the list was to be taken seriously , those game had very few expected in the department

Jreca2413d ago

Even if they're worse, that doesn't make Mass effect 3 finale better (i'm still half the game, so no opinion here yet).

NYC_Gamer2413d ago

How old are those games?plus they didn't have the same budget as Mass Effect 3.

Rolento2413d ago

lol @ the damage control.

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The story is too old to be commented.