New Devil May Cry 4 Screenshots

New Devil May Cry 4 screenshots showing off Nero's Blue Demon Arm abilities and new sword.

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MADGameR4572d ago

Although I've seen it on the DMC4 website 2 weeks ago. Nero's Devil Trigger is going to look nice! Hopefully *SPOILER* Vergil does'nt separate from that little arm of his XD

gunnerforlife4572d ago

a cant wait for this game:D wat day is it coming out in europe?

prowiew4571d ago

At first i was not interested in this game. But after seeing the latests screenshots and trailers is one of my top anticipated game of 2008. Capcom is doing great games lately.

MADGameR4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

You're stupid and blind. You should've played DMC3 Special Edition and Devil May Cry. The story will not make much sense when you play DMC4 this coming february. Don't ever underestimate this game.

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