Thank God for Obsidian

What is it about Obsidian?

The studio which seems mostly to ride on the coat tails of RPG developer giants Bioware and Bethesda always has some means to scratch the itch of role-playing fans. A feeling of ‘old school’ pervades almost every release, just as often in a bad way as much as a good way. Perennially behind the times technologically, their games are often incredibly buggy, the combat is usually just poor, and their animation team composes characters who look like B-movie actors. And yet, there’s a spirit to their games which (unlike their animators) animates all the parts into products which glow with inspiration – that je ne sais quoi. Dare I say it, I actually think their games are good.

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NYC_Gamer2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Obsidian?the same studio who can't program for shit or produce a solid quality title.We need more studios like CD Projekt Red if anything they're a small team that could produce quality rpgs and they release free dlc.

coolbeans2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

You lost me at produce a solid quality title tbh. It's safe to say anyone who has played their games knows there's a feeling that they're rushed. That doesn't mean they're not quality titles. They are one of the few RPG developers that seem to be meticulous about their plots and dialouge choices.

I'm not sure where the majority of n4g stands on the issue (feel free to reply), but I've heard many Fallout 1+2 fans state that New Vegas is better than 3. I can see where they have a point. Although I've only put 8 hours into Fallout 3 (and none in NV), it's already starting to feel like an "Oblivion with guns copy", both in term of the "fetch quest" main plot and design. Still a very good RPG, but I think they could've taken a different direction with the series.

kaveti66162412d ago

I played both New Vegas and Fallout 3 and there's no way that anyone can say that New Vegas isn't a fetch quest type game.

The difference is that Fallout 3 is much more interesting. While it does make you fetch things, the story is generally just better. I've heard the opposite argument, that New Vegas has a better story, but after playing it, I cannot agree.

Fallout 3 provided me with much better entertainment. In Fallout 3 there was the town with the cannibal family, and the vampires who occupied the subway tunnels, and the super mutant who was a really nice guy and showed up to help you at times, and the even larger mega super mutant who you had to kill with the NRC or whoever those military people were, and the president of the country was a robot. Those are just some of the very cool things about Fallout 3.

In Fallout New Vegas, you play as a courier. For 20 hours, that's all I was doing. It was annoying as hell.

And for those people that think Obsidian are better writers, here:

Obsidian can't write for crap. And they're a bunch of liars. They promised a major surprise for players who beat the game on the hardcore settings. Guess what that surprise is: a PSN trophy.

The problem with Obsidian is that they aren't very original. They DO ride the coattails of superior developers. They ruined the Kotor franchise with their incomplete sequel to my favorite RPG of all time.

I fart in their general direction.

theEx1Le2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )


The Kotor series is also my favourite series in gaming, but surely you know how tight the constraint time on Kotor 2's development was? It was Lucas Arts that ruined Kotor 2. Alot of things done in Kotor 2 was far superior to that of the original game, and it came from obsidian. The story was sure as hell shit though, because there was no way in hell they could finish it in time.

EDIT: In fact the best thing to do would be to get Kotor 2 for the PC, as there is plenty of community mods that unlock content from within the game that wasn't polished (hence why it was locked) but improves the overall experience. The HK-50 factory comes to mind.

As for New Vegas i will agree, its story is crap compared to Fallout 3, because it was more of the same without the unique charm of the wasteland, but a bad game overall, definetly not!

humbleopinion2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Coolbean, you got that pretty much correct.
Obsidian are a bunch of incapable developers, but very capable storytellers.

On one end of the spectrum we have Bethesda which make games that are about presentation via exploration and lore, but their dialogs and script are piss-poor to say the least.

On the other end we have Bioware games which are all about dialog and character interactions that help conjuring a believable world, but those dialogs are often dogmatic and the choices feel forced and pointless in the grand scheme of things (see how people react now to the ME3 ending).

Obsidian on the other crafts games that have some of the best and deepest dialog. Even KOTOR 2 which was a shoddy sequel (thanks mostly to Lucasarts and their timing constraints - Bioware didn't agree to take the task in the first place), still introduced writing and characters that managed to top the first game (not an easy task considering the first game has some of the best writing in history), and could have made an amazing game if the actually had the time to properly finish ti.
Chris Avellone is a very talented designer, but even he couldn't properly finish the game with LucasArt writing on his back.

RedDead2412d ago

I disagree with Kaveti about New Vegas, I felt the map was much better and more focused. it was a real RPG too with choice and consequence. It had NO level scaling which is what ruins bethesda games for me. The side quests were superior imo. Each area of the map had something specific to do with a larger side quest. I never even finished the main story of either F3 or NV though so I can't comment, I can say though that Bethesda can't do stories well at all juding from Oblivion and Skyrim. They suck at it. Kotor 2 was not Obsidians fault either.

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beastlysensation2412d ago

fallout is a good game? BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHA..... when developers learn ho to make a true rpg like witcher 2 and dark souls, then come talk, in the meanwhile, they are all streamlined POS games catering the COD masses.

Perkel2412d ago

yeah fallout new vegas is awasome game.

Nicaragua2412d ago

Yes fallout is a good game - i thought fallout 3 was better than New Vegas but both were really good games.

Moncole2412d ago

THey are making the South Park game so they are good in my book

hano2412d ago

Obsidian is awesome.

They gave fallout 3 the personality it lacked with Fallout New Vegas where the world and characters and companions actually mattered.

Neverwinter Nights 2 had some amazing dialogue and characters.

Even Alpha Protocol had it's great moments.

These guys really know how to make an RPG. Imagine if they work on Skyrim, some of those companions won't be pack mules anymore.
I hope there's a kickstarter from them soon ala wasteland 2.

Lord_Sloth2412d ago

Alpha Protocol 2, please. Just don't cut the dev cycle by 6 months this time.

gtxgamer22412d ago

i didnt like the first one..