Editorial: The Mass Effect 3 Backlash

I’m going to warn you in advance, there are spoilers in here about the nature of the ending of Mass Effect 3, but no plot points. Seriously, it’s hard to do with without spoilers, but I’m going to try. If you don’t want any sort of spoilers, avoid this article. There are also links to other sites, which contain spoilers, so please be aware.

Right now, the internet is more or less ablaze with people discussing the end of Mass Effect 3. It’s a contentious point to be sure- but apparently, even more contentious is the fan response. Many fans are disappointed with the ending. Yes, ending. Singular. There is a single core ending, with multiple minor deviations depending on how you played the game, and the final choice available to you. It’s a polarizing issue, to be sure. I was pretty upset, myself. However, mainstream journalism seems to have skirted the main issues on both sides. Metacritic has been forced to clamp down hard on ‘review-bombing’ of the game on its site, which brings up a lot of questions in and of itself. Other outlets are claiming this is a homophobic backlash, which is, quite frankly, insulting and wrong in and of itself. Beyond that, gamers are being split into two camps: those petitioning for a ‘better’ ending, and those who think that the studio’s creative right trumps that. As more and more gamers complete the campaign, more voices are being added- and an awful lot of them are angry.

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I can't believe all the PR bullshit they said about the game.