Developers Demand Games Grow Up

Developers took to the stage to close out GDC with their infamous rant session. This year, the rants took on the theme of "parenting" with many of those who first started coding late at night now changing diapers or telling their own kids to get off the computer.

Their message is simple – the game industry needs to grow up. In order for things to change, the developers of today and of the next generation need to act quickly or find themselves in a spiral of mediocrity. But like any parent, they know that their words must be firm, but with a sliver of hope. The speakers on that panel, from Chris Heckler to Jade Raymond, demand change not just for themselves, but for the future of the industry and for their children.

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ritsuka6662409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Gamers still living in the past.. they are not real gamers, they're their own worst enemy.There are plenty of great new games and great new innovations being made every day. You'd have to be damn cynical to dismiss all that.

2408d ago