GamesBeat Review: Mass Effect 3 is a flawed finale

Commander Shepard's final chapter will be remembered not for the epic war scenes, but for the questionable design choices, technical shortcomings, and shady DLC/multiplayer.

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roblef2415d ago

Super glad to see an honest review.

Aloren2415d ago

What's your definition of "honest review" ?

roblef2415d ago

I mean a review that looks at the good and the bad. Reviews aren't objective, they never can be, IMO. But it's good to see a reviewer who puts forth his own opinion, based on his own experience with reviewing games, even though it might bug other folks.

MysticStrummer2415d ago

"What's your definition of "honest review" ?"

My definition of "honest review" is one that tells it like it is, flaws and all, based on what I have seen of a game or what people I know and trust have told me about it. Everyone I know who has played this game to completion says that it's not as good as ME2 and that the ending not only sucks, but destroys the point of all those decisions the player made. The people I know who played all 3 games say that both ME2 and ME3 were inferior to the first. Still, many reviews give them a pass and call them all great. Videogame journalism has hit a new low this generation.

Aloren2414d ago

Ok, I just don't think this review is any more "honest" than others. I mean I understand it, but it doesn't invalidate others.

I also think ME3 is better than 2 (though I love them both). I reserve judgment between 1 & 3 for when I know for sure what the ending means (but until the last 5 mins, ME3 is by far the best of the trilogy).

NYC_Gamer2415d ago

*sits back in chair with pop corn*

Kos-Mos2415d ago

There`s a lot of popcorn on N4G. Do people here know what it means to be original?

Jihaad_cpt2411d ago

nothing is truly original.

Ethereal2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

lmao. Someone's pissed....

Tex1172415d ago

Thats a bit low of a score.

Not saying it needs to be a 10 or anything, but its not a "C" game.

To me it is a 9. Im having fun playing. Im invested in the characters, but Im very wary of the ending (haven't seen it yet, but really must be terrible).

--Onilink--2415d ago

all i can say is this, the more invested you are in the franchise, the worst it will be... i finished it a couple of hours ago and well... complete dissapointment.. everything else about the game is great, but those last can be pretty emotional, but be prepared to get NO CLOSURE whatsoever on pretty much anything...