TGS: Superman Returns Screenies

Superman Returns, flys in with 5 new screenshots released earlier today by Electronic Arts. You can view these screenshots in our Media Section.

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tom15955856d ago

are you going to be able to go anywhere in the city and pretend to be clark kent and stuff like that?

Jakens5856d ago

I have not read anything about you playing as Clark Kent (athough that could add much needed depth to this game) I personally want this game push back to Spring of 2007 so EA can get the most out of it. I may want it but I'm in no hurry to have it. A demo would be nice so that we could give some feedback to EA. This game has so much it COULD do, but I doubt it's aiming at the right demographic group. I wish to have a Need for Speed take place in this huge city; I would buy that. I am very much rooting for this game but will have to read reviews before spending $60. There are way too many great titles comeing out at the same time (to buy).