Epic VP: "I'd be shocked if Wii U doesn't do well"

Epic VP Mark Rein will be shocked if the Wii U isn't a hit for Nintendo when it launches later this year.

Sepaking to Eurogamer at GDC in San Francisco last week, Rein argued that parents are ready to upgrade their kid's Wii to Nintendo's new system.

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Ulf2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Right, because so many casuals are going to want HD graphics for their kid's new HDTV, and a tablet controller (which only works within WiFi range of the Wii U) so they no longer have to hand their iPad over to their kid.

The Wii U will sell to enthusiasts, and then... the price had better be pretty low, because otherwise no one is going to want to get one for their kid, when a X360 or PS3 is cheaper and has more games besides.

We've already seen how slow the masses are to uptake better livingroom tech with HDTVs -- the Wii U just plain won't have the "put it in the kids room, on the old TV" appeal of the Wii, UNLESS the price is on par or below that of the PS3 and X360.

You know Nintendo won't sell them that cheap.

fluffydelusions2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Why do you think the only people who will play Wii U is kids? I'm 32 and plan on picking one up =\ Nintendo makes some awesome games.

Ulf2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

You, sir, are an "enthusiast".

I also plan on picking one up... but I don't expect the masses to behave like me. The masses dig Wii Fit, and Zumba Fitness, and other Dance crap, and went out of their way to pick up Wii Sports Resort.

I didn't. I play mostly GameCube games, like Baten Kaitos, Wind Waker, SMS, and Skies of Arcadia, on my Wii, with a few new Wii classics, like the new Tales of Symphonia, and SMG1/2. I can guarantee the masses *didn't* pick up said games, outside of Nintendo franchises like SMG -- they aren't me.

They aren't hardcore gamers. They aren't interested in the Wii U's primary appeal. The Wii was the cheapest console, with familiar (TV remote) controls. The Wii U will, basically, be the opposite. That's not gonna fly, once people like you and I are done buying our Wii Us.

Fishy Fingers2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Ulf, not only knows the gaming habbits, buying habbits, age group, prefered software of each individual Wii/Nintendo owner.

But, even knows what TV your kid has in the room... Slightly freaky I know.

So what does Mark Rein know? Clearly nothing as Ulf has helped us established today.

Sell your Nintendo shares now kids.

Ulf2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

@Fishy Fingers

Wow, the same defense people gave the Wii in 2007... yet Nintendo has been losing money with it for 2 years straight now... unless you think its the DS/3DS that's costing them?

Is that the "success" Mark Rein is referring to, do you think? Those 90M Wiis are the worst thorn in the Wii U's side, unless 3rd parties stop making kids software for them altogether (they won't).

Fishy Fingers2463d ago

I'm not here to argue with you Ulf, what would be the point? I'm a Nintendo owner, you've already read my mind...

adorie2463d ago

Directed at Ulf

The Wii hasn't been losing money, Ulf, it has not been making financial forecasts which is reflective of how much they did well from launch till that point. What I mean is, the Wii is dropping off, naturally, due to saturation, at least that's how I put it.

It, The Wii, was 'spanking' both consoles for a very long time, WW, and that includes the U.S, where it was spanking both PS3 and Xbox 360, sometimes more than both combined. The higher sales for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, currently are indicative to the Wii's sales falling.

I estimate between 150-250k people per month switching over to the next gen console(s). But that is my personal research which is a very delicate guesstimate. Lol...

I didn't know Guesstimate was a real word!

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Ck1x2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Nice and classic of you to think and say that Nintendo systems only sell to children. Well 90million plus kids must be very persuasive then to get all of those systems sold... Its funny how its ok for analysts to assume that when Wii owners are done with the Wii, they will just move on to either the ps3 or 360 when they want something more. But believe that its impossible to think people will want WiiU if they already own a Wii! Now explain to me how that makes any sense whatsoever please? Not to mention that I have a friend at work that never considered gaming at all but wanted something he could play with the family. So he picked up a Wii, 2 weeks ago and loves Mario Kart and Epic Mickey right now... This was a non gamer and he's not playing Wii fit at all.

browngamer412463d ago

Damn dude you are more off than even Pachter..It had better be more expensive than either xbox or know since it mops the floor with those two specs wise..and that controller is balls-my kids won't be touching it-I know I'll move the 360 in their room ..

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videoxgamexfanboy2463d ago

Umm i dont know about u but my kid has a 32 inch sony bravia in her room...just sayin

ronin4life2463d ago

Wiiu is a family console. It would be in the MAIN room: the one with an hd tv.
Even if it was for a specific kid or person in the house, it would still go in the living room.

legend9112462d ago

That's what it is intended for. :)

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Arnagrim2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

As long as people still get off to the thought of some super-realistic Zelda game for god knows what reason Nintendo console's will sell.
Not saying there aren't a ton of other good games for Nintendo consoles, but whenever the new generation of systems comes out all I hear is, "Oh man, can you imagine what the new Zelda game is going to look like!?!?!" as if they've deluded themselves into thinking Nintendo will ditch the iconic semi-cartoonish (Twilight Princess more realistic than most) look for some serious looking Kokiri/Hylian/Whatever warrior any time soon.
Next Gen hardware is great, but Nintendo's IPs tend to need it the least.

linkratos2463d ago

Are you joking? Did you see how good WW and TP looked on GCN tech? Nintendo's big IPs and new hardware come hand in hand. Mario 64 utilized the analog stick like never before, GCN brought Nintendo's IPs insanely great graphics, and the Wii motion controls put a whole new spin on Metroid and Zelda.

I know their big IPs like Mario and Zelda don't neeed it, but they are amazing in terms of gameplay and imagination, adding cutting edge graphics makes them THE complete package when it comes to modern video games

SKUD2463d ago

Nintendo really has deliver on the games this go around. Mario and zelda just won't cut it.

2EHO2463d ago

You guys check this out. We have nothing to worry about... This console is the truth and is going to be a beast.

GraveLord2463d ago

Sadly, I think Zelda and Mario HD is really all that is needed.

PopRocks3592462d ago

Psst! Don't forget Pikmin 3!

R1CAN6172463d ago

Well i guess im a 25 year old child then cause Ghost Recon: Online is gonna be the game i get when i pick up my Wii U at launch.

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