Modern Warfare 3 takes noob toobing to a new level

A Modern Warfare 3 player uses the noob toob during an entire match, attracting much hatred from his fellow players.

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B-Real2062438d ago

“You have no balls. You have minus testicles”

LOGICWINS2438d ago

@ :52 it sounded like the guy got called a "Jew" for noobtoobing.

Kyosuke_Sanada2438d ago

Yes he was called a Jew. Don't know why but yeah.....

LOGICWINS2438d ago

^^Damn...if u ask me, thats a bigger problem than noobtoobing.

Boody-Bandit2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Sorry but noob tubing was / is a lot worst in past COD games where you had unlimited ammo while using scavenger and blast perks to make the impact cause 2x more damage. Maybe the whiners in this video should have had blast shields on and then they wouldn't have been killed with one shot from a tube.

The guy tubing in this video was hitting nearly every opponent square in the chest with his shots. He obviously loves his tube and knows how to use it.

Personally I striker shotgun spammers running around with extreme conditioning or scavenger and firing randomly in closed corners spraying and praying more annoying. Especially the players that camp corners with them. BUT that is part of the game. If it's in the game, expect it to be used.

Most COD players use cheap tactics to get kills. I noticed in this video a fair amount of the kills were done with guys camping corners and laying down in doorways.

These guys bitching in this video are the problem. I never complain when I play and COD game. I know what I'm getting into when I put the disc in my disc tray and fire it up. Stop complaining and get to killing, or get to stepping to a game you wont bitch about. If such a game even exist.

Most gamers this generation are a bunch of whiners. Idiots making racial comments and the guy tubing is the problem? Gotta love it.

If you get killed repeatedly by someone tubing you need to look no further than a mirror to find the cause.

3GenGames2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I'm playing COD4 right now, and I couldn't tell the difference....well, I did see one. Noob tubes don't kill in COD4 as well as they do in any other game, even if you have sonic boom on. Gotta love not improving games, activision is the king at it.

Gotta love the guy he kill 2 minutes in, he takes a tub (which shouldn't happen) and then looks around like a moron as if the guy who shot him disappeared. Only in COD can people be that stupid.

Fairchild Channel F2438d ago

The best part of MW is you don't have to play it.

memots2438d ago


Yeah Noob tubing is not fun when you get the wrong end of it. But hey its part of the game , deal with it.

Like people bitching about the usas in bf3. If you don't like getting killed by it just stay the fuck away from it. You have to be pretty close to the guy to get killed with this and its making so much noise you could hear it half-way across the map in most map.

trenso12431d ago

Well uses is hard to avoid with a lot of people using it last week my friend sniped a sniper with frag rounds they are ridiculous at times.

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