Jimquisition: Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Art Games

Destructoid- "Your humble Jim Sterling is deep and philosophical, and therefore appreciates a videogame that attempts to communicate something more special than the average bit of software. However, most so-called "art games" are generic and mediocre, for the very same reasons that they THINK they're unique and enthralling.

Art games are becoming as ordinary and boring as anything in the mainstream market, and your cultured host shall explain why."

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Infernostew2411d ago

Don't even need to read this to know that it's just more Destructoid troll BS articles. Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Video Game Site.

LOGICWINS2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Maybe you just lack a sense of humor or take things too seriously. Considering how big Destructoid's fanbase is and how well known Jim is in the industry...theres nothing boring or ordinary here.

I've never seen an industry figure get fanboys riled up with a review than Jim.

Whats even more amusing is that you say that Destructoid is a "Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Video Game Site"...but you still clicked. THIS is what Destructoid is all about. Whether you love them or hate them, they make damn sure that you pay attention.

Larry L2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Welll.....*I* didn't click on it, I don't know about him. I already know EXACTLY what to expect from anything Jim Sterling says.

That being're right. But because of what you're right about, I disagree with what you're saying. (though I don't click agree or disagree at all on this site. I disagree with my words, not clicks)

You're right that no video game "journalist" gets "fanboys" more riled up than this guy. Though honestly I think it's more than just "fanboys" as you call them that strongly disagree with this guy's views.
But you don't see problem with a guy whose job it is to inform gamers, using his position to write reviews of games specifically to just say outrageous and frankly ignorant things just for his personal "lulz" to see your labeled "fanboys" get enraged by his words?

You see nothing wrong with that? And really, even doing that is fine in terms of that's the kind of content he wants to write. Freedom of the press......write what you want.....I'm all for it. BUT because that's what he's doing...which are 100% editorials not fact based consumer worthy reviews......whatever score he gives a game shouldn't "count" in terms of things like a game's meta-critic score, and all his "reviews" should be specifically labeled "EDITORIAL REVIEW" in huge letters for everyone to see on the destructoid page and on it's N4G main page description.
Because when I've read or watched his reviews, I'm hearing or reading lots of opinions and very little in terms of facts.

IMO Jim Sterling is to gaming journalism, what the westborough baptist church is to Christianity.

Infernostew2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

"Whats even more amusing is that you say that Destructoid is a "Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Video Game Site"...but you still clicked."

Except I didn't click. I know what this is all about just from the little blurb. I know they're not going to be trolling about ThatGameCompany but are trying to compare a new genre that is starting to create new and fun ideas and chalk them up as boring experiences. Then they're gonna yap on and on about how art games are becoming the next FPS. blah blah blah. I don't need to read or watch whatever to know how pretentious their complaint is.

Outside_ofthe_Box2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

***"Considering how big Destructoid's fanbase is and how well known Jim is in the industry...theres nothing boring or ordinary here."***

Well, I assume you are part of destructoid's big fanbase since you feel obligated to defend... feel free to let me know if my assumption is wrong...

With that said, If Infernostew thinks that it's boring and ordinary, who are you to tell him that it isn't?

***"...but you still clicked. THIS is what Destructoid is all about."***

Glad to see you approve of whacky journalism where getting people to "click" and get hits is all that matters. Well written articles? Who cares as long as people click and it generates hits right? As long as "that is what they're all about," huh? Never mind the fact that you ASSUMED that he clicked.

brish2411d ago

I watched the video.

It can be summed up as: "I don't like most art games and if you do f*ck off you c*nt". He actually says the swears so I'm not paraphrasing there.

He does say some art games get it right but he thinks most are boring.

Personally I would hate it if all games were the same and I like that art games try to push the limits of what a game is. I don't claim that all art games get it right but I respect that they are trying to do something different.

lastdual2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

It's a video, not an article.

And he's not insulting Journey. Quite the opposite.

You anti-Jim trolls should at least know your enemy. Maybe try countering some of the (actually good) points he makes in this episode?

Note: His main point is that most art games are "me too" games - cash-ins similar to the many me-too COD FPS clones, but they get a pass because of their genre. Only a scant few games like Journey actually move the genre forward (while remembering to be fun to play).

Larry L2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Exactly. This guy claims he wants new and different experiences, yet when something completely new and original.....something never been done before.....and something that does that and still turns out a masterpiece.......something like Heavy Rain comes out, and this tool reviews it and gives it a 6 or 7 or whatever he gave it. Just rips the game apart.

Look at any of his reviews for unique new gaming experiences, games that tend to be PS3 exclusive or timed. He bashes them all. Is this article even a link to his review of Journey? I won't click on it. But if it is, I'm sure he rips the game up.

Then go and look at his reviews for the more mainstream drivel.

He actions (reviews and editorial pieces.....which for this guy are one in the same), do not in any way match the views he claims to have on wanting more unique gaming experiences.

Jim Sterling is CLEARLY ADD/OCD.....meaning he can't make up his mind on what he's obsessed about at any given time. He's also obviously bi-polar, but it may actually border on multiple personality disorder.

In my view, Jim Sterling is just about the #1 most untrusted video game media "journalist" as a single author. There are a couple sites as a whole I consider worse. But I find nearly everything this guy says to be rediculous.

Edit to not say something I can't take back......Ok....ok......HHG was more rediculous, I forgot him. But luckily I don't hear his non-sense anymore.

mttrackmaster382411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

So just because something is new and orignal, Jime should give it a great score? Now that's ridiculous! Newsflash: people have different opinions! *gasp*.

"Look at any of his reviews for unique new gaming experiences, games that tend to be PS3 exclusive or timed. He bashes them all."

Hmmm. I doubt you really went on Destructoid and looked at ALL his reviews. Such a ridiculous comment.

"Is this article even a link to his review of Journey? I won't click on it. But if it is, I'm sure he rips the game up. "

Yeah, you obviously didn't watch the video. He actually praised The Journey. You fail at commenting without knowing what you're talking about.

Larry L2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I already said I won't click on his articles anymore. So you aren't being smart by saying I didn't watch the video. No ****!! I already said that. Good job reading before you reply.......hypocrite much?

I didn't say just because a game's unique it's automatically good. Wanna quote where I said that Mr. Quotey? But when a unique game comes out that is good in nearly every Heavy Rain........this jerk goes out of his way to bash the hell out of it and give it a low score. Even though he says he want's good unique games.

Much like you, he's a I can see why you're a fan of his. Though based on your hypocrisy, you may even be him. Who knows?

Also, don't think you know what I've read. Because you're wrong. I've read MANY of his reviews, and no.....I didn't just go back and read all his reviews're right. I've read all his reviews as they've come out in real time. I know exactly what he's said in his reviews of other games.

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MariaHelFutura2411d ago

It's crazy how much people just can't respect something for what it is, not what they want it to be.

mttrackmaster382411d ago

So we should respect a game for being lazy, boring, and ordinary? Hmmm....

mttrackmaster382411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

As always, the Jimquisition is on point. Dear Esther was boring as hell. If the dev had just said the game was an interactive art gallery, I'm sure no one would fault it. Instead, he tried to pass it off as a game. Well, if it was truly made to be a game then it's an incredibly poor one. I'm tired of all these art games getting free passes because "oooh pretty", when the actual gameplay is abysmal.

Skateboard2411d ago

Not everything has to be pew pew and this isn't priced as a full fledged game, you don't like it? who cares.

Don't tell me I care cause I replied to your weak ass post,LOL.

mttrackmaster382411d ago

Well, you obviously care since you replied to my weak ass post. Just because something doesn't have guns in it doesn't make it a good video game. Where the hell did I say everything had to be "pew pew"? And who cares if it isn't full priced? The lint in my pocket is free, doesn't mean it's fun to play with.

Nac2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Ah, there is that word again, "fun." So subjective...