Xbox Live - Major Problems Still Going On

Another night, more problems with Xbox Live. Loot Ninja thinks it's time to put a ton of money into some new servers for Xbox Live. Bragging about the best Holiday lineup ever for months, and then having your flagship service go down, causing tons of issues of both single player and online play? Not the best way to roll into 2008. According to the Xbox Support page currently: "Users may experience issues logging into Xbox Live. We are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We apologize for any inconvenience."

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Meus Renaissance4034d ago

The issue with the servers in general isn't what angers me, its the fact that this has been a paid service for the past 5 years and yet they're not upgraded to handle this type of traffic. And here I was complaining Live didn't have enough dedicated servers. If it did, it'd be total meltdown within minutes of that going up!

Either improve this, or don't charge for it. It's disheartening to your user base.

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jiggyjay4034d ago

Man if M$ is having trouble with live I wonder how Sony is going to do it.. We all know that M$ specializes in the softare/server sides of things while Sony specializes in hardware.. Good luck with PSN!

xplosneer4034d ago

Another easy ignore. Oh, and by the way, it does have rumble in the controllers.

Perkel4034d ago


Did u know y suck ?

BTW Lair is pretty good and controls are veeery good for this game (i don't imagine game without it (dashes, 180, quicks)) also i don't imagine ps3 without BD (i watch a lot of films on BD)

joydestroy4034d ago

i couldn't have said it better, Meus Renaissance. +bubble

for the first time i think i'm glad to be not only an X360 owner but a PS3 owner as well.....i didn't even know about this issue until reading the article thanks to playing Unreal Tournament 3 and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

each console has their flaws in some form or another.
stop hating.

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drunkpandas4034d ago

To those saying this is duplicate, it really isn't. Microsoft came out and said the service was back up and running and everything was good. Now, it's down again.

tomfoolery4034d ago

Every time I come here,you see ridiculous headings such as this one:
Xbox Live - Major Problems Still Going On
I've never had problems with it or anyone else I know.

Nothing more than some POS Sony protection group BS......period.Pure lies
and propaganda.
God forbid you see something against retarded Sony on N4G.

Here's one we should see:
Playstation #3-Still searching for an identity and software quantity.
Only console in history that desperately had multiple price drops
just to barely hang in game.
Hehe,you gotta love this full of bolagna site.
Pure entertainment..............NOT NEWS.

gta_cb4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

i wish i could agree with you but i have to say its not B*llsh!t. i normally play certain games with certain friends, and my main friends on XboxLIVE normally play games such as COD4/Gears/Forza 2/ Halo3 etc etc and last night we couldnt join a single game on COD4 and we was trying for a long time :( i have shown an image that we all kept getting when trying to join each others lobby/ games etc.

the strange thing is Gears of War worked fine :) ... well not at first but once we all managed to get into the room it worked fine. also because i have a few Xbox 360s in my house because of my brothers and we all keep getting logged out sometimes. anyway have a look at the picture attached so you dont think i am making this up.

[EDIT] just thought i should say that "Notice" came up everytime we tried to enter the same lobby although we could always enter the same room before all these problems started.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4034d ago

how is it down when i was just online playing COD4 and halo3. and i saw over 360k people online playing halo.

IGNFTW4034d ago


gta_cb4034d ago

yes COD4 has been hit with this problem, but the thing is you like every other online game, once me and my mates managed to get into a room on Gears of War it was fine :) but when my mate (the host) had to go offline we (the rest of us) thought we would try COD4 but it wouldnt work :( infact after a while it wouldnt allow me to join my mates lobby lol even though i was still connected to LIVE, it kept saying my game data is older then the hosts although i had downloaded the game data (happens when you enter XboxLIVE room, when it downloads your rank etc)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4034d ago

The status has been like this all day and sense that last article posted on this site and there has been no change. Like I said we dont need up to the minute reports on the status of Xbox Live. If you approve this, I'll will hit all the junk anti PS3 post I see even if I do know they are BS, just as much as this is BS.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4034d ago

Never once have I used my Contributor status for my fanboy beliefs, well thats over. You are so going to hate me even more than you do now :)

drunkpandas4034d ago

I can see why 129 users have ignored you

JasonPC360PS3Wii4034d ago

Action Bastard didn't I pwn you in this post here an hour ago Oh thats right you can't see this, thats alright others can :)

ActionBastard4034d ago

Again. Reading comprehension. If you think you pwned anything, I know you're still in school. You didn't mention PSP or DS games. Those are exclusive, right Corky? Why wouldn't I be able to see the link directed back to the story, as I just did? You sir, FAIL.

The_Engineer4034d ago

and xbot is about to blow and use his chin-poko xbot powers to rain "anti-PS3 news" on us.

oh the horrorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......b wahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahah ha

you gotta be the biggest keyboard mongoloid I have ever seen.

FPS nut4034d ago

Thats a bit hypocritical comming from you isn't it? after reading this I guess you would be talking to yourself.

Blitzed4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

LOL You cant be a day over 12!

"I'm going to be all over the anti PS3 news :) yup
Never once have I used my Contributor status for my fanboy beliefs, well thats over. You are so going to hate me even more than you do now :)"

LMAO, and then, in the same thread you went and posted a link to to a post where you think you 'pwned' someone?! You shouldn't let this stress you out so much, you still have puberty to deal with.

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xplosneer4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Couldn't connect all day with my friends Xbox 360(was having a rockBand party today lol). IT either didn't connect at all or connected and the Games, Marketplace, and Live tabs were a constant loading sign until we logged out.

Wanted to get some demos for my friend because he doesn't have internet and the only game he has is guitar hero 3, but ah well. We had fun playing RockBand on PS3 nonetheless and I was glad I got to play GH3 once again(my GH3 for PS3 stopped syncing all together. Thanks for the 10 DAY RESPONSE TIME FOR EMAILS REDOCTANE.

okcomputer4034d ago

I was playing madden, nba2k and halo today on live and it was fine.

xplosneer4034d ago

I guess it varies.

All I can say is-LUCKY.

drunkpandas4034d ago

I have a few friends who haven't had a bit of trouble. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, from what I gather, as to who is being affected by the server issues. I was fine yesterday, but unable to connect today.