Nvidia GTX 680 to go against HD 7970

Fudzilla : According to rumours that we are hearing from our sources close to company, it appears that the upcoming Nvidia GTX 680 graphics based on the GK104 Kepler GPU will be priced at around US $550, or simply at the same price as the AMD Radeon HD 7970. We are also hearing rumours that Nvidia made quite bold claim with better performance per Watt for its GTX 680.

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NYC_Gamer2437d ago

The 680 should end up being the fastest single gpu on the market

hiredhelp2437d ago

Im happy having the 2nd fastest 7970 all day long.

Orpheus2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Your happiness is appreciated .... but we are waiting for Kepler to behold the new features it brings like optimization for PhysX , Global Illumination and Hair movement. Thats more of a technological leap rather than a slightly faster product :-).

hiredhelp2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Slightly faster product.... Sooo they just put in a tahiti xt for sake of performance.

Na. Lol. ;)

Well yeh sure nvidia has physix cuda but end the day i was fan of the green team for many years, but nvidia knocked my confidance with the 500 series .
Tdr graphical issues i got replacement still no good there site has shed load upset people.

Ive gone over to amd not having to worry about when ill get issues or triangles and rips on screen.
If nvdia can proove to me they solid now maybe ill move over later this year bt for now im happy guy.

Dude4202436d ago

"Global Illumination and Hair movement."

I don't see how these are actual features of a card, they probably designed the architecture in a way where it can properly handle these kinds of effects. AMD rarely shows any demonstrations of their new card, so we don't know whether or not it will handle those effects just as well.

From personal experience of both ATI and NVidia, I've had problems from both companies so no one is perfect here. However, they both produce some very good cards and I was never disappointed with them. Competition is great.

LightofDarkness2436d ago

@Dude: The hair simulation comes from their PhysX support and the further optimizations they've added to accelerate PhysX processing. Global illumination is usually down to however the developer implements the feature, which is pretty much a Direct X thing (which is covered by both manufacturers). Physx, however, is owned by Nvidia, and they've been touting big advancements in that area for this generation of cards, so we may start to see it become more of a feature in games, especially after that pretty impressive UE3 demo that featured fully dynamic destructibility. The hair simulation is nice, but I doubt we'll be seeing too much hair simulation going on in games at that level; it's pretty much a tertiary concern.

Dude4202436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I stand corrected about hair movement, it makes sense. Though I was sure Global Illumination isn't hardware specific as the AMD card can probably handle that as well.

My point is that this technological leap Orpheus claims isn't really that big of a deal, if you really want Physx, get a cheap dedicated Nvidia card (with PhysX of course) if you already have a High end AMD card, it will probably give the same results.

Besides, not many games utilize GPU accelerated Physics now. It's possible that in the future, AMD will come with their own solution.

Be happy with what you got instead of touting to other people of how much better X will be compared to Y. For the record I have a GTX 560 Ti and so far it has given me no problems whatsoever and it's great.

Dude4202436d ago

Edit: I meant a cheap PhysX dedicated card but at least decent enough to handle the new games (# of CUDA cores).

arjman2436d ago

Until Nvidia allows AMD to use their Physx software it won't see universal adoption in games

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Fishy Fingers2436d ago

Love to be able to justify a new Kepler card but with 570GTX in SLI there really isn't any software to make use of that extra power.

Should make for a nice (slightly cheaper) upgrade in 12-18 months though.

For me, Nvidia all day, purely because of the support/drivers.

LightofDarkness2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Well it seems they're pulling a bit of a fast one. This GPU was internally referred to as the 670 Ti up until it became apparent that AMD's offerings were not going to be competitive with their enthusiast level chip (GK110/114) and that TSMC would have manufacturing woes. So they've decided to re-brand this performance level chip as their enthusiast entry, calling it the GTX 680, and selling it for much more than originally intended.

It will be about 20% faster than the 7970, IMO, but sell for the same price, which means AMD will lower the price of their flagship in order to stay competitive. But overall, it just means Nvidia are taking this opportunity to bleed the e-peen crowd while holding back their true flagship until the fall. Crafty, greens.

givemeshelter2436d ago

The speed difference between these two GPU's will barely be noticeable...just like it has been most of the times between AMD/ATI and Nvidia when it comes to their high end offerings.
The real deal is the mid range chips.

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