Sony- Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack "one of the Vita's best-selling titles"

TheVerge- At this year's PlayStation Network Pub Fund Pub Crawl at the 2012 GDC, new Senior Director of Digital Platforms for PlayStation Jack Buser spoke at length about the publisher's commitment to supporting independent development on PlayStation platforms.

Buser cited the Pub Fund as an example of Sony's commitment, which has shepherded a number of indie titles to market by granting funds to developers to complete their games. Generally, there hasn't been much word of those titles successes from a sales perspective, as Sony seems more content to have them on the PlayStation platform.

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MastaMold2436d ago

This game is great fun and for the price you cant go wrong, I love to hate the tilt a blog levels

Pixel_Enemy2436d ago

Amazing game, totally deserves it.