In Defense of Mass Effect 3's Ending

This was a franchise that some were calling “the Star Wars of our generation.” Not exactly a small claim.

All of a sudden, when Mass Effect 3 ended the story, irate gamers flocked to the message boards demanding a new ending, clamoring for change.

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Chuk52410d ago

Basically, I can understand why some people feel like the ending was disappointing. The paths it takes you down may not be as personal as some were expecting, and some questioned weren't awnsered. The feeling of having things unanswered was only exacerbated by the investment and personalization most people put into the trilogy.

However, I felt the ending was cathartic. I mean it wasn't the worst ending I have ever seen, and I find hard for people to expect an ending that would satisfy everyone. Not saying that people with valid criticisms are unrealistic, but I personally couldn't imagine an ending that would encapsulate a trilogy worth of decisions. It wouldn't be fare for me to put that pressure on Bioware as a gamer, especially when they have given me three great games.

I'm just sad, it's all over. But then again, that's what Bioware was probably going for.

Lucreto2410d ago

I still think it is a place holder ending like in Fallout 3 where you die and then Broken Steel dlc continued the game.

Reborn2410d ago

For me, I didn't mind it. But at the same time, it's shocking how they seemed to disregard your previous choices. After all Shep did, I'm sure a nice ending wouldn't of hurt.

Double_Oh_Snap2410d ago

Wow lol defend the ending, what ending it didn't end. If you have have a brain watch ending again SPOILERS SPOILERS It's a dream sequence lol I blew up citadel but i'm magically alive on earth at end. Just like I talk to anderson after he was vaporized, or how I was in space with out a suit shooting a pistol with unlimited ammo. The ending is coming but this isn't it.

SeraphimBlade2410d ago

Would I like a better ending? Yes. But I'd like a better ending to just about every work of fiction.

It didn't invalidate my choices, like some say. Yeah, the scene's are all pretty similar, but you are left to imagine what impact you had on the long run. I didn't need a freaking ten-minute powerpoint like in Dragon Age to remind me what choices I made. The story was told in such a way that I had a pretty clear idea of where the galaxy was headed.

In fact, with the destruction of the Mass Relays, it kind of makes sense that you wouldn't know the details of the galaxy's fate. NO ONE WOULD. Defeating the reapers just hit the reset button on interstellar civilization.

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