Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC1 vs. Shipping Vista

Microsoft just rolled out the first publicly available release candidate for Service Pack 1 of Windows Vista, and we snapped it up, eager to see if it's faster than the currently shipping version of Vista. To test its speed, we ran a series of benchmarks on exactly the same machine, first with the original version of Vista, and then with Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of the upcoming Service Pack 1 (SP1). For comparison, on exactly the same machine and on an identical hard disk, we also tested those benchmarks using Windows XP. From the perspective of sheer speed, has Microsoft improved Vista with this first iteration of a service pack? Yes and no.

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xplosneer4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

XP SP3 RC1(What a name!) halfed my CPU consumption but quintupled my commit charge. Everything loaded faster but crashed within 30 seconds of loading because it exceed my commit charge.

My advice: Wait for the official release.

LinuxGuru4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Commit charge quintupled?


I installed it on my crappy 1.3GHz 256 MB ram laptop, and My program responsiveness is at least 1.5 to 2 times faster....but nothing has crashed yet....well firefox did once but that's because I had like 15 tabs open while installing about 5 add-ons in a row.


Overall....I wouldn't even guess my computer only has 256 mb ram with the kind of performance it has now.

It's easily as responsive as, or FASTER than, my grandfather's 2.8GHz 1.5 GB Ram w/ATI x1600 256 MB / XP SP 2 DESKTOP.

It's nuts!

I'm gonna shut down my laptop now and see how fast this thing starts up as well.


XP SP3 RC1 startup time, from Power On to Welcome screen: 23.7 seconds

From welcome screen to fully loaded desktop, 99% idle process: 11.8 seconds

That's f*cking awesome for 256 MB system ram! Woohoo!

xplosneer4037d ago

My computer is a 04 Dell 2.0ghz Pentium 4 and 512MB RAM.

IGNFTW4037d ago


BrianC62344037d ago

Lucky I don't do much on my home computers. I have Vista on a desktop and laptop. The laptop runs okay but Flash is always crashing IE7 and rebooting it. The laptop came with Vista so it runs okay.

The desktop I upgraded with Vista Ultimate. What a waste of $259 or whatever it was I paid for that junk. Maybe we shouls sue for our money back. I better not have to pay for another version of Windows until Microsoft gives me a working OS. With all the good features they stripped out of Vista it's just a nicer looking XP. It took them five years for this?

Bnet3434037d ago

Windows XP is the best. Screw Vista!

jaja14344037d ago

Same thing was said about XP a few years back. How quickly people forget. *shrug*