Today at the Microsoft Conference for the Tokyo Games Show, They wow'd people with a brand spanking new High Definition DVD of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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Dragonopolis5854d ago

I'm finally going to say it. Fix the problem with the the categories. PS3 section shouldn't have Xbox 360 news. I seen this in other sections as well. The whole idea of having sections is to personalize it for those interested for that section only. If I wanted xbox 360 content I would have clicked xbox 360 content. Don't think I'm a Sony fanboy because I'm not I own a 360. Actually I consider myself nuetral as both xbox 360 and upcoming PS3 both offer games exclusively that appeal to my gaming fetish. If I were reading up on my 360 info I wouldn't want PS3 news either.

Dragonopolis5854d ago

I was reading up on the Virtual fight stuff came back and the to read some more stuff and its not listed any more interesting... oh well
I forgot to mention that the HD-DVD is looking pretty Good MS. ;)

Grown Folks Talk5854d ago

that has all of the news together. click ps3 and set it as a favorite, then it will take you to ps3 info instead of the general page.

Dragonopolis5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

I've been using the internet for a lonng
time - I know the difference. This has happen before on this site. Not sure if it is intentional or not.

I just decided to mention it now. It was quite obvious I was in the PS3 section.
I double check to make sure and sure enough the PS3 color red everywhere. You would have to be colorblind not to know the difference. color codes each section with a distinct color. Kind of hard not to notice when the Menu/header boxes and news channel are in red (Main is darkish blue). I was using Opera 9 at the time. Anybody else have display problems in Opera with this site?