GDC: Lack of games variety 'down to everyone'

Develop- If the industry wants variety in gaming, it must be proactive in demanding it, says former Maxis dev.

Speaking at GDC during his ‘The Dysfunctional Three-Way’ presentation, Chris Hecker explained that customers, developers and the press are all responsible for a lack in genre variety.

He said that the relationship between all three sides of the industry were broken, as they all demand, develop and cover the same games repeatedly, which he called “an appetite for sameness”.

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VonBraunschweigg2436d ago

Right now everybody with a PS3 can get a free taste of a very unique game coming out this summer, I'm talking about the Starhawk Beta ofcourse. The multiplayer successfully combines TPS & RTS and offers so many different ways to play the game, it's really addictive because the balance between available vehicles is (imo) very good, there's no ultimate weapon on the battlefield.

So cool, so fresh, but zero attention in the media, so a lot of people will miss this gem. Pretty soon all attention will again go to Black Ops 2, KillZone 4, Halo 4, Modern Warfare 4 etcetera.