Fake Black Ops 2 Beta Video is Fake

An alleged video of a Black Ops 2 beta menu has been making the rounds today. This article gives some proof that the video is a fake.

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Spitfire_Riggz2409d ago

"The video has already been pulled from youtube, so you don’t even get to see it :\ This will probably lead to even more people believing that it’s real, but it’s not."

Lol "but its not" amazing persuasion right there! Its been taken down multiple times idk why a fake video would be taken down so quickly, usually people make fake trailers to get as much attention as possible don't they?

MacDougal2409d ago

Errr, Microsoft just had several Halo 4 beta websites pulled even though there's no Halo 4 beta.

3GenGames2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Yeah, but those are obviously fake phishing scams and can get somebody in trouble, and M$ goes after them actually.

The screen it's self is real though, I'd almost guarantee it myself. It's about the time to start getting early campaign levels done and tested by the media and such people. Plus, with how much MW2->MW3 screen changed, you can see that it's about the same in change.

The idiots who think it's fake also probably thinks the moon landing was faked too. Get over yourselves, it's not a conspiracy, it was the black ops 2 menu and it was as expected, the same as the last. Surprise, surprise. The game play is too.

irepbtown2408d ago

It will get taken down within hours if it is legit. As was the case with this 'beta'.

Of course we cant say if it is real or not, however Activision got the video's down so quickly. And maybe it wont be a public beta, maybe it is a beta for Treyarch workers, to test the game perhaps. Only God and Activision know...

We will have to wait and see, we all know a November release date is inevitable :D

WildArmed2409d ago

Simple, we all know CoD games don't have betas.
You pay $60 to play the beta on release day XD


Noticeably_FAT2409d ago

World At War would like to disagree with you, there was indeed a beta for that game.

The problem with a beta is, it can end up costing a company money.

That is bad business, and when you sell like COD sells, you don't want anything to get in the way of that.

Honestly, a beta wouldn't do much for the game anyway. They are usually used to flush out exploits and such, but the problem is that so many people play the COD games, its easy to find new ones and when those are fixed, there are newer ones.

People would like to blame Activision or Treyarch or Infinity Ward for this, but any game that has that much of a community, is going to have some issues with it. The problem is, there aren't any other games that have a million on there at a time.

Blastoise2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Hey while were on the subject of cliche CoD jokes!
Modern warfare 3 was a $60 expansion pack.
Modern warfare 2.5 herp derp

BuffMordecai2409d ago

Funny how all the cliche jokes are true.

0neShot2409d ago

The other reason the COD MW series left all other FPS games behind is because of the COD 4 BETA. The feedback from the BETA was so great COD 4 became so popular and was highly anticipated at launch.

FACTUAL evidence2409d ago

torchic you ruined the moment....RETURN!

torchic2409d ago

the disagrees :O

it's true though that joke is old.

people milk that joke more than Activision milks CoD. cmon be original :/

Farsendor12409d ago

agree with skv at least the single player ships working.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2408d ago

Yep, I did the same thing with BF3. Paid 60 bucks for such a bugged out glitchy beta that can't even put squad members on the same team... still.

badz1492408d ago

"old joke is old."

just like CoD's assets, right? environment, animation, even buildings are copy and paste from the previous ones!

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gatormatt802409d ago

Here's another link.. Hasn't been pulled yet...

RockmanII72409d ago

Well yea it's fake, since when do CoD games have betas?

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