"We've Missed Master Chief"

The return of Master Chief will have Halo competing with the big boys once again, says Microsoft.

The iconic hero was last seen in a new game in 2007’s Halo 3. Developer 343 decided from the outset that Halo 4 would mark the character’s come-back, and Microsoft believes his return will see the franchise competing with the likes of GTA and Call of Duty once again.

“Bringing Master Chief back is huge,” boasts Xbox director for global marketing Steve Beinner.

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MultiConsoleGamer2437d ago

Nothing is bigger than Halo? You might want to tell that to Mario.

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LOGICWINS2437d ago

Mario? LOL, I don't even think Halos bigger than Pokemon.

2437d ago
_Aarix_2437d ago


Uuhhh..yea it did. Halo 3 sold around 14 million on the 360,

Voxelman2437d ago

@_Aarix_ You might want to check that again, 5 is a higher number than 14

kaveti66162437d ago

"@_Aarix_ You might want to check that again, 5 is a higher number than 14"




Voxelman2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

lol typos

Now I look like an ass

Wait no it was a joke, very funny
Ha ha ha ha ha....

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TheHater2437d ago

Gran Turismo
Starcrack...I mean Starcraft
World of Warcraft
Half Life

those are the ones I can think of at the top of my head.

Gildarts2437d ago

[email protected] gran turismo being bigger then mario.

Here's my list

Call of Duty
Gears of War
Gran Turismo

Im talking about awareness and popularity.
There is no way Gran turismo is more popular then Mario dude.

TheHater2437d ago

Did I wrote
1.Gran Turismo
6.Starcrack...I mean Starcraft
7.World of Warcraft
8.Half Life

or did I wrote
Gran Turismo
Starcrack...I mean Starcraft
World of Warcraft
Half Life

Like I said, those are the franchise I can think of at the top of my head that are more popular that Halo. I didn't list them in order by which is more popular.

TheGamingArt2437d ago

Gran Turismo
Call Of Duty

I have come that this is the list that EVERYONE is aware of as of now.

CernaML2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Boy, Gildarts, you really are making yourself look like a complete clown.
Maybe next time you should actually read passed "Gran Turismo" before writing a dumb comment.
And considering Gran Turismo 5 is on its way to selling 8 million copies, I think it should be higher than your precious Gears of War.

"Halo Players? 40-50 MILLION"

LOL! Okay now I know you are completely delusional.

Frankfurt2437d ago

To the people listing Uncharted... MASSIVE LOL.

UC3 sold 700K in a month in the US, that's mediocre even by "average game" standards. Stop believing Sony's shipped numbers and their bundled copies sold two years later being listed as "sold". Uncharted sells very, very mediocre numbers.

Gears 3 was in the top 10 of the YEAR. Uncharted 3 wasn't even a big deal in the release MONTH.

lover20122437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

let me show you why once again your one of the most blind and brain washed fanboys in this gen
you only looked at first month sales in "US"
and that's it ??
uncharted 3 have no sales the months after that and didn't sell in the
"rest of the world that exist outside the us"
(yes i know it's shocking isn't it??)

uncharted 3 sales are

wake up and look outside the NPD sales .. you sad troll

360GamerFG2437d ago

Halo is more popular than GT this gen. Sorry but its the truth. No GT game this gen has outsold Halo Reach, let alone the 14.5 million selling Halo 3
Last gen GT was it, this gen Halo trumps it. Accept it and move on.
Also, gta isn't exclusive so I dunno why it is on your list. Half Life?? This gen? More popular than Halo?

Tr10wn2436d ago

GTA, Starcraft, WoW and Half Life non of those are console exclusive, didnt you read the article?

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Virtual_Reality2437d ago

It's PR thing from Microsoft for the media to get attention for the game and hype.

Is the only popular game on this year for this Console.

KMCROC542437d ago

Think they meant new & original, refreshing . Not stale & rehashed.

StraightPath2437d ago

Grand Theft Auto

Metal Gear Solid

Half Life



are examples of similar heavy hitters that are up there with Halo. But unfortunately sony does not have anything of that calibur in their exclusive department. If they manage to keep MGS5 exclusive then we have a heavy hitter same as Halo.

Dante1122437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

@ Straight


The Gran Turismo franchise has sold more than 60 million copies as of 2010. Just look here

The Halo franchise has only sold 40 million as of now

Conclusion, Gran Turismo can also be considered as being bigger than Halo. Even CoD can be said to be bigger than Halo, I mean, come on.

CoolBeansRus2436d ago

Dante. You are comparing GT which had no competition when it came out. That is a weak argument that can easily be defeated. Count how many GT has sold ever since halo came out. Dont worry ill wait.

Virus2012437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I'll rephrase the quote for him;

"Nothing was bigger than Halo in the last decade."

Halo is certainly big in the gaming industry. Those who would disagree might have a grudge against that series or something, but to say Halo isn't big in nonsense. If you go by the sales number of Halo 1,2,3 Reach, and ODST it would come to around 41 million. That's not including Halo wars and the PC versions.

Cloud is bigger than Halo????? WOW

A popular character that appeared in one good game is bigger than the entire Halo series. I don't know if you are serious.

Same goes for Ganondorf. I would expect a real gamer to say Link or Zelda but Ganondorf.

All bias aside come on you have to give the Halo series some credit on what it have accomplished. From the become the first most popular online game on consoles, to selling millions of units I think there wasn't anything bigger than Halo in the 2000s until COD. Many in a couple of years COD will have the same fate as Halo and FPS console fans will move on to another great FPS. But I think gamers can agree that Halo left it's mark in video game history.

No order:

Grand Turismo
Half Life
Legend of Zelda
Call of duty
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil
Final Fantasy
Pac Man
Grand Theft Auto
Street Fighter

Runner Ups:

Donkey Kong
Counter Strike
God of War
Silent Hill
Tomb Raider
Elder Scrolls
Tom Clancy games

There is so much more but I don't have all day for this.

BitbyDeath2437d ago

I think you nailed it with your response.
The only one i would question is metroid (i've heard it mentioned on here but have no idea what it is) and probably replace it with Sonic.

Mortal Kombat should probably get a mention as well.

brish2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

According to VGChartz there are 34 games bigger than Halo.

Sgt_Slaughter2436d ago

I love how Nintendo has the top 13 games on that list!

Muffins12232437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

More like 20 years ago lol

Rageanitus2437d ago

CORRECTION... nothing is bigger than Halo on the XBOX.

Say hello to Warcraft... anyways if MS is only counting on Halo and Kinect games.... the core crowd should be worried... then again the hardcore xbox gamers love to gloat how gr8 kinect is :)

brish2436d ago

Correction ... nothing is bigger than Call of Duty on the xbox.

Rageanitus2436d ago


COD is multiplatform, this article is meant for platform xclusive games

WitWolfy2436d ago


Too bad this is one of their FEW exclusives left and screwing it up by not releasing it as a next gen title.

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Jaces2436d ago

This may be true but is it better than every game out there? That's all I care about and the answer is no, doesn't matter how popular the game is.

2436d ago
showtimefolks2436d ago

to each console there are few big titles. but nothing is bigger than mario and nothing will ever be bigger than mario just look at the sales date for all the facts you need

GT5:P which was a demo sold 5 million than GT5 has sold over 7 million so that's 12 million nothing is bigger than GT on ps3

halo is the biggest IP for MS but since gears deal is over and fable going kinect what's left after halo series? crackdown? alan wake but AW IP is owned by remedy

this E3 should be a lot of fun

humbleopinion2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Some people here need a reality check, after throwing names of some aging game series past their prime.

Just for reference, here's a list of the best selling game in each series this generation a-la vgchartz:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 25.13
Modern Warfare 3 Xbox version only: 15.93
Halo 3: 11.48
Mario Galaxy: 10.00
GTA IV Xbox version only: 9.45
Gran Turismo 5: 7.29
Zelda Twilight Princess: 6.43
Gears of War 2: 6.16
Skyrim Xbox version only: 5.58
Metal Gear Solid 4: 5.58
Uncharted 2: 5.49
Battlefield 3 Xbox version only: 5.42
FIFA Soccer 12 PS3 version only: 5.33
Assassin's Creed Xbox version only: 5.07
Forza Motorsport 3: 5.03

I excluded casual shit and games bundled with peripheral, because otherwise the list will be swamped with games like Mario Kart Wii and Kinect adventures.

But that just to make a point about handled games mentioned here:
Pokémon Diamond / Pearl Version (combined):17.97 (Handheld)
Dragon Quest IX: 5.59 (Handheld)

So to sum things up:
1) The statement is mostly correct. But NSMBWii and it's massive 25 million sales still prove that there is at least one platfrom exclusive stronger than Halo. It should be noted however that the main Mario game on the Wii is actually Galaxy, which sold less than Halo 3
2) Call of Duty is such a beast, that even if we count the Xbox version only we can see that it's currently bigger than Halo. GTA IV also comes real close in terms of sales on the Xbox alone.
3) Gran Turismo 5 is quite a few millions behind, so putting it in the same league as Halo and Mario is ridiculous.
In fact, it is closer in sales to Forza 3 than to Halo 3, and if we consider the overall sales of Forza series this gen VS the overall sales of GT5 this gen both sum up to a bit over 11 million (11.02 for Forza and 11.37 for GT5). This is also likely to change soon since another Forza game was announced recently.
In fact, even NFS series this gen on the PS3 alone sold 11.32 million copies thanks to tons of titles in the franchise. It seems that GT5 fell behind the curve this generation compared to how it was the undisputed king last gen. Also, the article was talking about Master Chief compared to other titular characters and mascot. What's the GT5 mascot? A Citroen!?
5) Zelda is also quite far behind Halo. It's there with the second tire of exclusives that sold over 6M: Gears and GT5.
6) We see some non-exclusive games that sell amazingly on a single platform: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Assassins Creed and Fifa 12 are up there with MGS4, Uncharted 2 and Forza 3 in terms of sales on one console - around the 5M mark.
7) Even if we looks at handheld platforms, Dragon Quest XI (which is the best selling game in the series) sold less than half of the copies that Halo 3 sold, so claiming that it's bigger is as far as you can get from the truth. Even Halo ODST sold more copies than that.
Final Fantasy series BTW doesn't fare better with less than 5 million for FFXIII on the PS3. Even FFVII on the PS (the best selling game in the series) didn't reach the 10M mark Halo 3 did.
8) Pokemon on the DS however is yet another franchise that is really high up with 17.97M sold (Diamond+Pearl sales combined). Pokemon on the Wii however sold quite poorly, and when compared to other Mobile platform mascots the entire Pokemon franchise still sold less copies than Angry birds (and the comparison makes more sense here since both are basically heavily merchandised products).

But after all, who cares about the sales game? ;)
Let's see first if 343 can actually deliver a proper Halo game.

kingdavid2436d ago

Space marine Shepard > Master Chief

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Hufandpuf2437d ago

World of Warcraft and COD are.

Gildarts2437d ago

Call of duty is but World of Warcraft? lOl? Halo is more popular then WoW, WoW doesn't even make the list.

WoW Subscribers? 15-20 million

Halo Players? 40-50 MILLION

TheHater2437d ago

Halo Players 40-50 million?
Do you have brain damage or are you just.....well I am not going to go there. Get your facts straight

NeoTribe2436d ago

Can u imagine if wow was free wut the userbase would be?

Fishy Fingers2437d ago

COD... The well known platform exclusive.

Patriots_Pride2437d ago

My grandmama knows who Master Chief is but she does not know what a world of [email protected] is.

Biggest2437d ago

We should all listen to your grandmama's gaming story. She really matters in gaming circles. Really.

MrGunny942437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Warcraft universe, Diablo Universe, Starcraft Universe... Metal Gear universe, Pokemon universe, Half life Universe... Do i really need keep on?

In terms of lore Halo is crap compared to those above...

Yes Halo is big but not so big to compete with the big league with universes from the 90's ;)

Expand your universe then we'll talk MS.. oh btw.. if you try to expand we know that it fails... Oh right there's not bungie there anymore...

And i'm a Halo fan.. I'm a sad panda with bungie leaving... the Halo universe just killed itself

Outside_ofthe_Box2437d ago

I've always thought that GTA was bigger than Halo.

YodaCracker2437d ago

Since when is GTA a "platform exclusive"?

Megaton2437d ago

CoD has made Halo irrelevant. All the FPS bandwagon bros that encompassed Halo's fan base hitched their trailers to a new wagon.

YodaCracker2437d ago

Then how did Reach go on to sell 10 million copies if Halo is now irrelevant? LOL, seriously...? If you call Halo irrelevant, then there is not a single 360 exclusive that is relevant, and certainly no PS3 exclusive that is even close to relevant. Aside from Mario, Halo is without a doubt the biggest platform exclusive. I'm sorry if you're too blinded by fanboyism and denial to see that.

LightofDarkness2436d ago

Reach has sold 8 million worldwide. But hey, making things up is fun.

aviator1892437d ago

The article is referring to platform exclusives, not exclusive pitted against multi-plats.

Rageanitus2437d ago

It is soo funny how so man hate the call of duty series and calling it un-revolutionary and the same crap over and over again..... then you look at halo its the same crap over and over agains also.... double standards!