Launch-day downloadable content is a bonus

Everyone's anger over day-one downloadable content is misguided and poorly informed.

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2413d ago
THR1LLHOUSE2413d ago

This whole "controversy" is utterly absurd anyway. People are such entitled brats.

NagaSotuva2413d ago

Who cares? I mean, don't like it? Don't download it!

ninjahunter2413d ago

This is exactly what people need to do. Sheezus, People are informed there will be things they wont like about a game, then they buy it and cry about how the thing they were told would be bad is bad.

If you dont support something dont buy it, simple enough. People say voting with your wallet doesnt work, But that is what the market says, Try controlling yourself instead of the market doing it for you.

chanmasta2413d ago

Ask yourself, would you like to play more of this game or not? Many people are angry because more content for the game they buy is available to them. Would you not like the developers to develop more content for your games? If a developer puts intense years into a game and finishes it, but continues to work hard on additional content for that game and releases it as soon as possible, why is that a bad thing?
The question to top it all of though, is similar to what NagaSotuva said above.
The content is there available. Would you like more content for your game? Okay, get the extra content for your game. Don't want it? Okay, don't get the extra content for that game. It's as simple as that.

Bimkoblerutso2413d ago

It was REMOVED FROM THE GAME. The files were found in the vanilla PC copies of the game. This is not "a little something extra" for the paying fans. This is content that is vital to the context of the narrative that was removed from the game and released to us as paid DLC.

So yes, people are upset.

chanmasta2413d ago

Wow, that's disgusting. Thanks for informing me. I can't remember this other game I'm thinking about, but I remember another game having "downloadable content" already on the disc. That's ridiculous.
I've also seen many people complain about DLC coming "way too early" which I think is stupid, and is what my previous post linked to. For example, if a Super Mario game released with the usual amount of levels, then on the same day it's released Nintendo put out some DLC with a bunch of new levels, I think that's freaking fantastic. If you love the game and want to experience more fun from it, then get the DLC for even more content. But having to pay for something that's already on the disc and/or vital to part of the game's story is ridiculous. Once again, thanks for informing me of that fact.

SteamFrostedEgg2413d ago

DLC should be content the developer wants to add after the release of the game. This DLC should be created after the release to add to a finished product. Realistically, this should only ever be expansions and new gear.

DLC should never be content that was clearly stripped from the "finished game". There should never be DLC on launch day, there is no reason for it not to be on the disc in the first place.